BREAKING: Putin – Minsk negotiations now pointless in light of Crimea provocation

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August 10th, 2016 – Fort Russ News –
– translated by Tatzhit – 

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Vladimir Putin:
“This is very disturbing. Our security
services have prevented penetration of sabotage-reconnaissance group of the Ukraine
Ministry of Defense into Crimea. Of course, such actions mean that continuing
talks in Normandy format is pointless
, especially when it comes to the next
meeting in China.

Because, apparently, the people who [violently] seized power
in Kiev and continue to usurp it, don’t want negotiations
. [snip] Now, instead
of looking for ways to  settle the conflict peacefully, they decided to
try terrorism.

In this regard, I can’t avoid mentioning that we view the
recent assassination attempt targeting the head of the Lugansk People’s
Republic as an [act of terror], same as the current attempt to sneak saboteurs
into the territory of Crimea.

I want to point out, I think the media reported it already,
that the Russian side took losses. Two soldiers were killed. We certainly won’t
excuse such things

But I would like to also address our American, European
partners. I think that by now it is obvious for all involved that the current
Kiev authorities are not looking to solve problems through negotiation. Now
they escalate to acts of terror. That is very concerning.

At first glance, what we just saw in Crimea seems to be a
stupid and criminal act. It’s stupid, because it is impossible to regain the
trust of Crimean population that way. And it’s criminal, because people have died.

But I think that the underlying situation is even more
alarming. Because there is nothing to be gained from such attacks, except to
distract their own people from the ruined Ukrainian economy, from the plight of
many ordinary Ukrainians – that is the only reason.

Trying to provoke violence and conflict
can only serve to divert public attention from those who seized power in Kiev
, and still continue to usurp it and continue to rob their own people. [They’re playing
dangerous games] in order to stay in power as long as possible, and loot as
much as they possibly can.

But [both] their attempts failed, because their [cronies]
turned out to be too incompetent.  Of course, we
will do everything we can to ensure the safety of infrastructure and citizens,
take extra security measures. And I mean serious additional measures. Both technical,
and otherwise.

But the most important thing is that those [Western
governments] who support the current Kiev authorities must decide – what do they
want? Do they want their proxies to continue attempting to provoke us? Or do
they still want a real peace agreement? And if they still actually want it, I
really hope that they finally take some real steps to provide necessary pressure
on the current government in Kiev.

Actual speech (in Russian):

Report on the details of provocation:
Fort Russ – FSB blames Ukrainian Defense Ministry for foiled terrorist plot in Crimea

Picture: Captured saboteur equipment. Note plastic explosives, military MON mine, assortment of detonators, MSP noiseless pistol. Such a collection is generally unobtainable by common extremists, or even rank-and-file soldiers.

Separate thanks to blogger hippy-end for transcribing the speech in Russian.

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