UPDATE: Critical Battle for Aleppo Rages: Tug o’ war for Key positions [+ video]


August 7th 2016 – Fort Russ News – 
SAA Official + Combined Reports – collated by: J. Flores

                                                                                      Jaysh al-Islam

The outcome of this battle is critical. US type planes have been allegedly spotted making supply drops on terrorist groupings. The information war is in full swing, with Western and Salafist disinfo outlets reporting on much greater gains than can be confirmed. Nevertheless, the SAA has officially recognized some difficulties, which they refer to ‘fluctuations’. 

Video of SAA pushing back attempts to take the military academy in Aleppo earlier:

It is 5am Sunday morning at the time of this this update. Soon we should have a more clear picture of the situation for Sunday morning. With daybreak, we expect a more decisive series of running battles. 

At 11pm in Syria, the SAA released this official announcement about the ongoing battle for Aleppo:

“We apologize for the delay but the fluctuation forced us to take our time with the battle updates.

Around noon today, terrorists launched another attack at SAA points in the Southwestern countryside of Aleppo; unfortunately and unlike previous times we cannot share the rules of engagement but SAA withdrew to regroup from number of points in the Military Academy and surroundings; after regrouping SAA units and allies launched a counter attack to retake the points and restored all points that were previously evacuated; dealing large number of casualties in terrorists.

This fluctuation with the control map is normal in such battles, nothing significant enough to be called a loss yet.

Around 21:45 terrorists launched another wave of attack. We will update the page with news; we will take our time but we will make sure that we only update accurate news. We must ask all to have faith in the command’s orders as the troops on the ground do.

Terrorists in their attacks are losing a lot of casualties, they started their first waves using T-72 tanks today they are down to T-55s they are losing the bulk of their fighters.

Lets remind everyone again the number of terrorists and the intensity of the battles are greater than the attack that captured Idlib and Jisr al-Shughour; and yet they failed to secure any gain on the ground.

We will update the page with more details in time.”

Other trainspotters and local journalists of this conflict, began to tweet or comment the following on social media platforms – which cannot be confirmed either way:

1. Russia is preparing to step up the aerial component over the skies of Aleppo

2. Tiger Brigade earlier armed-up, prepared, and entered the fray with great success, perhaps having restored the (allegedly captured) artillery base. 

3. In connection with 3, TB has been a part of securing locations which Western and Salafist disinfo outlets had prematurely reported as victories

4. Hezbollah has entered the fray in force

A ‘semi-official’ update from a pro-Syrian outlet, Muqawamist, reported at 3am Syria time:

“With fierce clashes raging across southwestern Aleppo, vigilance is required due to the dangerous disinformation campaign waged by Western-GCC media and terrorist supporters. The Syrian government has dismissed the claim that “jihadists” have broken the army’s siege around the city and has also denied that Al-Ramouseh and the Artillery College have been lost. 

This is the most imperative battle of the entire war, as the liberation of Aleppo will bring forth the end of the criminal scheme against Syria and have a major impact on our entire region, hence why the terrorists and their backers aren’t giving up just yet. 

The battlefield situation is constantly changing from moment to moment, but we know that no matter the difficulties ahead, ultimately our men will prevail.”

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