What’s Worse Than Caliphate?


August 2, 2016


Mikhail Delyagin

Translated from Russian by Kristina Kharlova

I, personally, and many of my friends were first shocked, and then stopped being shocked to hear from our former compatriots of the Soviet Union from the Central Asian republics, who are working here as taxi drivers, janitors, builders, clerks and so on. When asked how they and their families live there, in the wonderful Tajikistan, beautiful Uzbekistan, the stunning Kyrgyzstan, — we hear stories not only about the monstrous mess, not just about the monstrous social disaster, but about a revival of feudalism there, in fact, with its worst features. 

More and more often we hear this phrase: “Well, not to worry, soon THEY will come [of course, they cannot say “ISIS”, as it is prohibited in Russia] and will bring order”. So the “Asian Ukraine” — were Islamic terrorists, as the neo-banderites in the ‘Independent’ [Ukraine], are perceived as a kind of deliverance, as a kind of liberation, as a restoration of justice, which has been violated by current authorities.

 And I must say that the Islamists really fly the banner of social justice, and this is why they are not a threat to Iranian people, where social justice is insured in general  – the reason for Iran’s immunity is not only a strong state, not only the difference between Sunnis and Shiites, but in the fact that the Iranian government for better or worse ensures the need of the people for social justice. 

But for the “oligarchic” type states the ideology of the banned in Russia “Islamic state” is deadly, because the Islamists turn to Quran, underline all the parts talking about social justice — by the way, very clearly and explicitly  — and appeal to authorities with this claim: “Why do you rob the people in defiance of Quran? Why are you exploiting the same Muslims like you, because it is expressly forbidden in religious dogmas? You have perverted the religion, you are infidels, you are not Muslims,” – with all the ensuing extremist consequences. 

And then, people not in some Northern Iraq or Northern Syria, but very close, in the former Soviet Central Asia — ordinary people, secular people, completely socialized, honest, hard-working, diligent, begin to perceive Islamic terrorists as a way to get rid of the social Inferno that has swallowed their homeland. 

And if someone believes that we have immunity from this, that we have everything in order in the social sphere, that we are not threatened, is gravely mistaken. When you talk to people and ask them: “Well, but THEY will kill, they will cut throats?” — in response you hear: “Will cut the throats only of those who deserve it”. 

In reality, of course, it is hard to stop cutting throats, and throats will be cut left and right, but people have already gotten to the point were they perceive thugs as a lesser evil in comparison with local “democrats”. Do you think Central Asia doesn’t have their own Chubais and Yeltsin? Plenty! And if a state does not punish criminals, the criminals must be punished by someone else. 

There is, incidentally, a great example of the acquittal by jury of the infamous ‘seaside partisans’. And when you say: “But we will have to fight them!” it is perceived as: if you want to — fight, you or your children will die, but our children will adjust to this system and will live and thrive.

But the most important thing in this story is that the need for social justice is universal. And it is a very big mistake to think that it pertains only to Russian culture or Russian language, that Russian language is such a terrible virus that once you start speaking it, you immediately realize: money, of course, is necessary, but their meaning is a confirmation of the validity of what you are doing, and as you begin to speak any other language, this spell will immediately subside, and you’ll turn into a machine to extract profits from your environment. 

That is not the case. The need for justice is a basic, fundamental need of any human being. The man whose need for justice is trampled, does not live or, at least, does not procreate, as we see in Europe and, to a lesser extent — some regions of the United States. White people who have forgotten about justice, their social groups go extinct. And if a person is not able to realize his need for justice, he will agree to anything: bolsheviks, market democrats, Islamic terrorists, aliens. 

It would seem that if you have bread, a pellet, water, money transfers from Russia: you can live. Modestly, but it is possible. But if the need for justice is not satisfied, it turns out that material comforts have no meaning — they just prolong the agony. And to stop this agony, to begin living a normal human life, a man agrees to anything.

This is a very clear lesson for all of us. If we continue to destroy the idea of justice, if we continue to crush human souls and ours too, the banned in Russia terrorist “Islamic state” may seem as the same liberation, that our ancestors have seen in Bolsheviks; us, recently, in “young reformers”; and Ukrainians today in “pravoseki from Euromaidan” [Right Sector].

The reality is that if we continue to place ourselves in inhuman conditions in the sense of trampling justice, we cannot think that we will escape inhuman consequences. And, at least, we must understand that one military operation will not stop the Islamists in Central Asia. The Islamists can only be stopped by reformatting the social organism, the social system towards one that ensures justice and which allows people to participate in the establishment of justice in accordance with their ideas. How to call this system – socialism or something else — is your choice.

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