Polish anti-Ukrainianism mirrors WWII supremacism

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August 8, 2016 – 

PolitRussia – 

Translated by J. Arnoldski

Amidst resurgent anti-Ukrainian sentiment in Poland, society is being warmed up to the idea of the need to return Ukrainian lands to the Poles they once belonged to. Such an opinion was expressed by Deputy Director for Scientific Work of the Institute of Ukrainian Studies at the National Academy of Sciences, Leonid Zashkilnyak.

Zashkilnyak drew attention to the fact that Poles are once again looking at Ukrainians as an “inferior nation.” 

“Not so very good ideas are being reborn in Poland. In fact, we are dealing with the fact that Poles have overestimated their potential in diplomatically striving to expand their borders…They want to make us out to be some kind of inferior group. Poles allegedly deserve the sympathy of the whole civilized world while Ukrainians don’t, because they’re rebels and such and such,” Zashkilnyak complained in an interview to the newspaper Den.

He recalled that even three years ago maps appeared on social media with red target sights on Lvov and Vilnius, which led him to suspect that Poland is preparing for the collapse of the Ukrainian “seasonal state” with the intention of regaining their lands.

“What is happening is a quite serious revival of great-power sentiments in Polish society. They want to shove the idea in society that, when Ukraine as a ‘seasonal’ state collapses, just like Hitler and Stalin said about Poland in 1939, then they can regain their lands,” Zashkilnyak remarked. 

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