And now Putin’s poisoned Hillary Clinton!

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September 14, 2016 – Fort Russ – 

– Ruslan Ostashko, PolitRussia – translated by J. Arnoldski

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[Editor’s note: We love you Ruslan, but hate to break this to you: the US became Ukraine long ago – or rather, the US has now made Ukraine in its own image – JF]

With both pity and anxiety, I am continuing to observe how, right before our very eyes in real time, the US is turning into Ukraine. The Washington Post’s latest issue only confirms this trend. Discussing the situation surrounding Clinton’s health, I, like many of my friends, joked that they would once again blame Russian hackers, KGB agents, or Putin himself. 

You also probably joked about this. As it turns out, we didn’t joke in vain. They have made a joke out of themselves. Today, the Washington Past published an article discussing the theory that Putin or Trump poisoned Hillary Clinton, thus causing her health problems. If this wasn’t so pathetic, it would be funny.

If you think you’ve seen or read this tale somewhere else, then let me explain why you might be experiencing deja vu. The Americans are repeating, like clockwork, the story of Yushchenko being poisoned with dioxin. They blamed Putin for literally poisoning the young leader of democratic Ukraine. 

Now all that’s left is waiting while Clinton’s supporters explain to us that they found some kind of top-secret toxin in her blood causing symptoms similar to pneumonia. Afterwards, we can expect some diplomatic protest notes from the State Department and even a strengthening of the anti-Russian sanctions. I wonder if Clinton’s PR people themselves understand how ridiculous this looks from the outside?

As for Americans, we shouldn’t think that ordinary American voters are ready to believe this “poisoning” nonsense. On the American segment of Twitter, many also chuckled that Clinton’s PR-ists would blame it all on Putin, and now social network users are in a light shock. The “Twitter joke” became a reality. 

We also shouldn’t think that American media aren’t capable of finding experts who can convincingly and soundly confirm that Putin personally poisoned Hillary Clinton. They’ll find them. The theory that Clinton was poisoned was not published by some non-entity journalist, but by a professional pathologist and coroner, Bennet Omalu, who is very famous in the US. I think they’ll find more than enough people in the states who want to push this PR. And if someone comes up with the idea of including Russian experts in this all, such as Yuliya Latynina, then we’re in for a real freak show. 

American media and social networks are already actively comparing the situation to the Litvinenko case. If you follow American logic, then it all makes sense. From their point of view, Putin is a tyrant capable of poisoning his personal enemy, Litvinenko, with polonium, and this means he can poison Hillary Clinton with some kind of exotic substance too. It’s not even clear how to argue against this “logic” and whether it’s even worth bringing up that there is no evidence whatsoever that the Russian side is guilty of murdering Litvinenko. Moreover, I even seriously doubt that it’s worth contesting these accusations, but not only because of the futility of such efforts. Sometimes, you just have to let the enemy become entangled in their own lies.

Writing off all problems on Putin or Russian machinations is so convenient that I simply can’t believe that the Americans are capable of resisting the temptation to use this explanation everywhere and for everything. They have already shown that they are incapable of holding themselves back. 

It is very likely that the next collapse of American financial markets will be blamed on Russian hackers. Then they’ll find a Russian trace in the corruption scandals that regularly take place in the US. Then they’ll revive the practice of the McCarthy era and remove politicians from office for mythical ties to the Russians. 

If this happens, it would be just great, and here’s why. American society, like any other one, cannot be deceived forever and is already starting to catch on to the truth that tales of bad, scary Russians are simply being used to divert attention away from serious domestic problems. 

The situation is aggravated by the fact that American PR-ists don’t even bother to forge at least some kind of admissible evidence of Russian aggression or Russian intervention in Americans’ lives. If they continue like this, then people will just stop believing them. Hence the lack of faith in official political discourse and Donald Trump’s high rating.

Only one thing in this all worries me. If America finally turns into a larger Ukraine, then the whole world will need to resolve an extremely difficult task: removing the Americans’ nuclear weapons before they blow up the entire planet. I don’t see any simple solution to this problem, but the hope remains that the people leading the US will be, albeit immoral, sane. 

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