ESCALATION: Syria claims Israeli jet shoot-down

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September 13, 2016 – Fort Russ News – 

RIANovosti – translated by J. Arnoldski

The Syrian military has announced that it shot down an Israeli fighter and drone last night, Syrian Arab News Agency writes. 

According to the Syrian agency, the shooting down of the aircraft was a response to the Israeli Air Force’s operational attacks on Damascus’ positions in the Quneitra province. The Syrian military has claimed that the plane and drone were shot down west of the village of Sasa. 

Just before, the Israeli army had reported that its air forces were striking positions of the Syrian government army. The reason for such attacks was a projectile which had exploded in the Israeli government-controlled part of the Golan Heights. 

The Israeli army’s press service has called Damascus’ statements on a downed plane and drone “completely false.”

However, Israeli army spokesperson Arye Shalikar then confirmed to RIA Novosti that the planes carrying out operations in Quneitra had indeed been shot at. “Two land-air class rockets were fired by Syria after our aircraft attacked Syrian artillery positions. At no time during the incident was the safety of the Israeli aircraft threatened,” Shalikar stated.

The Israeli air force has bombed the positions of the Syrian government army based on the border between the two countries more than once. Each time, the bombings have been responses to shells flying into Israeli territory…

The length of the border between Syria and Israel is about 80 kilometers. In addition to the forces of official Damascus, there are also based dozens of groups among whom are Jebat al-Nusra terrorists and the Islamic State. 

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