Esquire’s Pathetic Hit Piece on Putin [+Video]

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September 12th, 2016 – Fort Russ News – 

– op-ed By Yakov Germanov – 

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[ The recent article from the magazine ‘Esquire’  “Look, We Need to Talk About Putin” is the sort of drivel that passes for western journalism. We’d give a hyperlink, but why drive traffic in their direction.  Is Putin a Gangster, Communist, White Nationalist, KGB Agent, Kleptocrat, Authoritarian? Esquire Magazine says ‘Yes’ — we say ‘ha!’ – Flores]

These are among some of the more childish insults on president Putin, from an article put up by esquire. But, they serve to tell the world about how histrionic the United States has become. It’s also a strong indicator for why I left America in the first place – the new McCarthyism.

The new McCarthyism is essentially demonizing anyone who *GASP* has the audacity to buck the western politically correct ideology composed of ethnic self-hatred, militant secularism, LGBT acceptance, state-sponsored individualism, cultural feminism, neoliberalism and globalism.

As an average person, your life can be ruined in an instant if the media focuses on you.Recently a man from Kansas messaged me, desperately asking about how he too – could move to Russia. I started to get to know him. This Kansas man who I cannot mention by name due to possibly ruining his life, is an orthodox Christian who feels alienated and out of place, unable to speak his mind, he confided to me that he desperately wanted to leave. 

The man wants community. He wants to speak his mind without being judged or risk losing his business… And he is not from Chicago. He lives in Wichita, Kansas. It’s barely a city, with not even half a million people. Wichita was once a milquetoast, all American town. It’s solidly Republican and conservative, in a very conservative state.

He isn’t alone. Every day since my last 2-piece article on moving to Russia – countless people add me and message me and people are now starting threads in groups saying “where would you go to leave your country if you could? What country would you move to?” The key factor in all these people was they were relatively “normal” people, with ideas of morality, community, masculinity and culture, and they all felt out of place and alienated in their own cultures by consumerism, globalism and political correctness.

Putin’s “authoritarianism” as we could call it – is moderate action taken by a demanding public who does not see “democracy” as an ideal to strive for in itself, as most of Russia’s history, was ruled differently than the western conception of a republic. Putin’s patriotic actions that are deemed “white nationalist” are also steps towards appeasing a public strongly aware of their ethnic culture being threatened by a demographic crisis so severe it would be considered a genocide by any other nation. It’s worth noting Putin never uses the term “Russkiy” which denotes ethnic Russians. 

Putin uses the term “Rusianian” which means “Russian citizens”. Putin is a civic nationalist and conservative who favors the ethnic majority and it’s culture, and with 81% of Russia being populated by ethnic Russians, 116 million people. And in most places in the world, not Western Europe or the Anglosphere – appealing to the majority’s interests is what a leader does. China does this. India does this. Japan does this. Poland does it. Philippines does it. Are they also ethnic nationalists? Are they also by implication extremists and racists? And what about the USA’s tacit support of ethnic extremism in Latvia, Estonia and Ukraine? Why are these countries excluded from these conversations, but the United Russia party is now, on it’s Wikipedia page, labeled as “Russian Ultranationalism”? we all know the answer.

Putin as a KGB agent sounds scary – except that he was a mid level analyst stationed in East Berlin. Hardly an undercover agent, or a field operative. As for being a kleptocrat? I think the author got Yeltsin and Putin mixed up. My fiancée ate bread for two years in Kazakhstan in the 90’s, because she, like other Russians were stranded there when their country was “disbanded” by Yeltsin. She still has issues with gaining weight to this day.

The new McCarthyism isn’t confined to just communists and fellow travelers anymore – it’s now expanded to cover people with “normal” views on society and culture. If you don’t fit the narrow definition that the globalists have given – you are public enemy number one, and for globalists, Putin is a continual thorn in their eye.

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