“Get good and wasted, Pete!” Social networks ridicule Poroshenko performance at Security Council

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September 22, 2016 – Fort Russ News –

hunternews.ru, Translated by Tom Winter

Screen capture from video as Poroshenko requests removal of the veto power in the Security Council

Social Networks reacted to the words of President Poroshenko on the similarity of the situation of Ukraine and Syria with humor.

The Ukrainian leader during his speech at the UN Security Council propounded some parallels between his country and Syria. In his words, the Security Council was not able to bring peace to these two countries

Poroshenko also, of course, blamed Russia for all the all the troubles. Allegedly Moscow unleashed violence both in Ukraine and in Syria, and then offered their services as a mediator to resolve the conflict.

He also touched upon the reunification of the Crimea with Russia. According to him, the peninsula has now become a powerful base, through which Russian troops are sent to Syria.

“High time to introduce a rule before his presentation: before he goes on, bring out the Breathalyzer…. but already sick of this drivel.”

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“Petro Poroshenko compared Ukraine with Syria. Good thing he didn’t compare it with Israel, just himself with the Messiah.” 

“Get good and wasted, Pete.”

Social network users ridiculed the words of Poroshenko: “As usual, Petesy is no good after the fifth glass.”

 “Petesy, overall — bad — All but compared himself to Napoleon.”


 “Get good and wasted, Petesy!”

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