How to offset Western media – a lesson from Putin [Video]

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September 1st, 2016 – Fort Russ News –

RT – by Inessa Sinchougova 

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In the modern day, the 4th estate has become almost obsolete. You may recall that, initially, the 4th estate was considered a necessary precondition to democracy. 

Establishing whether or not a country could be considered democratic, would be dependent on the degree of freedom of press that exists within it. Right up there and on par with an independent judiciary and the legislative/ executive arms of government, the 4th estate was an equally important component of the entire system of “checks and balances”. A far cry from the “PR” functions of the media today, which seek to validate a certain policy, even if it means lying and manipulating the cause of events.

At the 10 year RT anniversary , the latter part of Putin’s speech is particularly potent – can the average person decide “whether or not the government is acting correctly? Does this action serve the society at large and the citizens in it? Or is this being done in the interests of the elites, and quasi-elites? Is it for the benefit of particular monopoly groups and their profits?”

Putin alludes to the military industrial complex and the financial institutions – all of whom act and profit under the guise of mainstream media. However, a “state-sponsored” channel sees many Western viewers run for the hills from “Russian propaganda” – without realising that “corporate media” in the US is accountable to no one but financial and elitist interests. 

To quote John Kerry – “RT is a propaganda bullhorn”, simply because it has challenged the stability of the ‘house of cards’ on which US foreign policy was built. Throughout decades of a US news-media monopoly, it has continually garnered popular support for foreign interventions, based on false premises. 

A free press is easy where the government acts with integrity and principles, within the parameters of their national interests. To paraphrase Putin – “We have nothing to hide from you and that is why you are able to practice a free, independent approach.” 

Watch to the end for handcuffed expat journalists 😉

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