Instant propaganda surrounding the convoy attack near Aleppo

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September 27, 2016 – Fort Russ News –

Karine Bechet-Golovko September 21. 
Translated by Tom Winter

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Right after the American coalition got accused of bombarding the Syrian Army Saturday, with the result of more than 60 killed and a hundred wounded, on Monday a humanitarian convoy was attacked near Aleppo in a zone controlled by the terrorists — and immediately Russia was accused of bombing the aid convoy. While the US had to acknowledge their so-called “mistake,” Russia demonstrated that the attack exhibited a number of curious elements. And the UN ended up speaking of it as an attack of unknown source.

On Monday, a humanitarian convoy of the UN and the Syrian Red Crescent consisting of 31 trucks headed towards Orum al-Kubra, in the west of Aleppo to deliver humanitarian aid. While the aid wass being unloaded, the convoy was attacked, with about 18 trucks damaged, and part of the aid destroyed. Volunteers and civilians were hit. Their number varies widely by source.

Immediately, with one voice the US and the Syrian opposition accused Russia, gaining wide coverage in the Western press. It must be said that the argument is a perfect tautology. Let us remember that an investigation hadn’t yet started when these words were spoken:

According to a US official, Russian aircraft are likely behind the bombing: 

“Our best estimate is that it is the Russians who carried out this strike,” the official said on condition of anonymity, saying that two Russian bombers SU-24 were in the area at the time of the bombing.

“In any case, we hold the Russian government accountable for air strikes in the area,” said Ben Rhodes, adviser to President Barack Obama.

Our best estimate … In any case ... In other words, we don’t know, no matter what happened, it does not matter, the responsible party must be Russia. 

And the Syrian opposition, which obviously shoots moderately, uses the same spiel and gets widely publicized by the complacent press. It is true that the source is reliable and is objective … This time, it is a matter of a beautiful article in Pravda Liberation:

A few hours after the end of the cease-fire was announced by the regime of Bashar al-Assad, a humanitarian convoy of the UN and the Red Crescent was shelled by the Syrian or Russian aviation in the province of Aleppo. “Let’s be clear, if the attack deliberately targeted aid workers, it falls in the category of war crimes,” responded Stephen O’Brien, Assistant Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs of the UN.

Already the subtext becomes apparent: the Assad regime is responsible. Then it becomes absolutely clear that the rebels had nothing to do with it, they would never do such a thing, it is well known: According to several accounts, the convoy then stopped, was targeted twice. The strikes destroyed 18 of the 31 trucks and a hangar nearby. “We are not sure if it was helicopters or planes that attacked first. But what is certain is that the second strike came from a plane, and was particularly accurate,” says Aa’saad Alhalabi, director of the NGO Syrian Shafak. No Syrian rebel group has helicopter or airplane.

And the real culprit appears like a Deus ex Machina that will solve the intractable matter in an instant and lead us to the dénouement: Russia is responsible:

“This time, neither the regime nor the Russians can not say that this is a mistake. The storage facility was identified. It is impossible that they did not know,” says Aa’saad Alhalabi.

They can not say that this is a mistake … Why that? Strange, out of context. Unless it does refer to the bloody attack, allegedly carried out by mistake, against the Syrian army, which makes the coalition uneasy especially when the UN General Assembly is starting. In this case, the event comes right at the time to divert attention. As if to balance the score in public opinion, as cynical as it may sound.

One will also appreciate the article’s reference to “an inhabitant of Aleppo,” a bit like “an informed source” — in any case impossible to verify — according to whom the Russian and Syrian rebels bombard the nice moderates, while they respect the truce. Just a clarification, which certainly does not matter to this inhabitant of Aleppo, and clearly has no interest for the pro-rebel French journalists.

According to the report of the Russian Centre for Reconciliation in Syria on September 18 [i.e. during the cease-fire – tr.], just in Aleppo, terrorist groups launched mortar and heavy artillery attacks on the farms in the village of Sheikh-ali-Kobtani, the fortress Kariat-Halab, the neighborhoods of Ramussi and Dahia-Assad, the Castello quarter mall, the artillery school, the school Atavari, the leather factory etc etc etc. 

They respect the cease-fire so much they have attacked simple demonstrators, unarmed civilians who are peacefully demanding their departure to avoid any escalation of violence. The protest, a peaceful demonstration, was held in the neighborhood of Sheikh Hader in Aleppo. 300 unarmed people. These moderate rebels who respect the cease-fire shot 26 people, including nine teenagers. Just shot them. But no one in the international community is moved. Because these people obviously are not on the side of “moderate and democratic rebels” working with Al Nusra and Daesh. And one seriously questions the “source” of the newspaper Libération. Which side of the gun are they hanging on to? Is it the French press’s duty to justify acts of terrorist groups because they are backed by the US coalition, to which France belongs?

More specifically, regarding the attack on the humanitarian convoy on Monday: The fact that it was an air raid is not confirmed by the United Nations, and after the declaration made by Russia declares that it is not able to say if there was an air raid. According to Jens Laerke, spokesman for the Office of Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, the fact that it was previously called an “air raid” is definitely a “drafting error.”

First, neither Russia nor the Syrian army said they conducted air raid on the area. The only source is from the Syrian opposition. There are more reliable sources… As stated by the Russian Ministry spokeswoman defense, Igor Konachenkov:

“Neither Russia nor the Syrian aviation aircraft have carried out strikes against the humanitarian convoy of the UN in the south-western outskirts of Aleppo. Moreover, the convoy through the territories controlled by armed groups yesterday was escorted by drones of the Center for reconciliation of the parties of the Syrian conflict.”

Here is the video

“The video clearly shows terrorists deploying an ATV with a large caliber mortar. (…) And what is more important: where is the mortar when the convoy was near its destination and what was it aiming at when the convoy stopped to unload?” 

For now no response has been received, either from Washington or the “moderate rebels”. And Igor Konachenkov further clarifies:

“We have carefully reviewed the records supplied by so-called “activists” from the scene of the incident and we have detected no sign of any strikes of munitions against the convoy. There were no explosion craters, the vehicles show no signs of damage caused by an explosive wave. Everything we see in this video is a direct result of a fire which strangely coincided with the beginning of the offensive of the jihadists on Aleppo.”

Strange coincidence all the same. Strikes on the Syrian army that free up the forces of terrorist groups. An attack on humanitarian convoy without any trace of bombs, except the claims of the US and the groups that they fund and form, coinciding with renewed fighting in Aleppo. And Russia must be shown to be responsible. To block, at the UN GA meeting taking place, Russia having free way to insist too much on the crime committed by the coalition against a state army. And no word in the French press to clarify that, following the explanations given by Russia, the UN statement was amended, the terms “air raid” being removed to be replaced by “attack from an unknown source.” Who is it we are at war with?

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