Is Kiev also backing out of the Normandy Format?

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September 8th, 2016 – Fort Russ News – 
– By Joaquin Flores  – 

KIEV – On Ukraine’s Channel 5, the director of the Political Department of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine Alexei Makeyev, revealed that “Kiev sees no reason to meet in the Normandy format, as there are doubts in its productivity”. This statements comes on the heels of similar statements of Russia’s president Putin following Ukraine’s failed attempt to carry out terrorist acts in Russia, in the Crimea. 

However, President Putin seems to have clarified at the G20 that he would still participate in the format, but that rather, no new ‘agreement’ needed to be made. There is no legal framework for a new agreement to come into being.

Instead Putin has maintained that Ukraine must carry out its unfulfilled provisions of the agreement. The agreement mandates that certain acts be carried out by each party, but in a particular order. The initial steps required of the Kiev side still remain unfulfilled. Russia cannot return control of the border with the Donetsk and Lugansk regions until Kiev carries out constitutional changes including federalization and recognition of the two region’s autonomy. 

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This would mean that the state itself had changed, and would therefore require new federal elections to form a new government involving Lugansk and Donetsk, who’s elected representatives would be recognized (as opposed to those appointed by Kiev). 

Makeyev expresses the deep concerns of the US backed, coup installed Kiev regime. This is reasonable because they cannot fulfill these commitments and also remain a puppet state. He said that what is important is not the fact of meeting, but in achieving results in the negotiations . According to him, Kyiv does not see “any particular reason” for the meeting in “Normandy format”. 

Makeyev’s statements appear at odds with the fact that the negotiations ended with the Minsk II agreement, which was then enshrined as  UN Security Council resolution, one which the Kiev government is arguably in violation of, or has significantly delayed implementation of.

Thus we can only speculate that these words are intended to for consumption by the Ukrainian public, and do not reflect the actual understanding of the Minsk II signatories and their binding obligations.  

If Makeyev’s statements are legally interpreted as Kiev’s unwillingness to carry out what was already agreed to, it may justify unilateral Russian action, in any number of vectors including economic and military, in compliance with the UNSC resolution, according to experts. 

“As soon as we see with our partners that have a chance to achieve real agreements, how to get out of this impasse, we will see that the Russian side is really ready to cease fire, ready to fulfill all the difficult elements … Then we will be ready to hold a meeting”, Makeyev said. 

Moscow also does not require any further Normandy Format type meetings in order to take steps to push Kiev into compliance with the UNSC resolution 2205. 

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