Muslim hero defies raging Islamists [Video]


September 14th, 2016 – Fort Russ News –

by Inessa Sinchougova


Photo from Magomed’s social media

This is the face of Islam when it is not infiltrated by Saudi Wahhabism and Western dollars.

In September 2016, as a result of two FSB operations in the cities of Mahachkala and Izberbash, a group of 6 extremists were annihilated in Russia’s Caucasus region. Among them was the leader of the group, Halimbekov, who appears in the video.

The rebel group had previously murdered road police as well as residents of the Sergokala town, who were relaxing in a forested picnic area in June of this year.

On 10 June 2016, in the town of Izbarbash, a group of 4 had stopped a passing vehicle and ordered the driver to pick up a 5th person on their way. The driver protested and asked the unwanted passengers to get out of his vehicle. Threatening with weapons, the men put the driver into the boot of the car, and proceeded on their way to Sergokala town. The driver was able to open the latch of the boot from inside the vehicle, and throw himself out, escaping unharmed. 

Having reached their destination, the rebels abandoned the vehicle and retreated into the forest, where they found a group of picnickers. 

That day, half brothers Magomed and Abdurashid Nurbagandov were killed. One of the brothers, Magomed, was an employee of the National Guard of Russia (a part of the police force.) The rebels, having found Magomed’s ID card specifiying his national service, shot both young men and filmed the ordeal on video. They later put the recording on the internet, editing out an “inconvenient” moment. 

That moment in the recording has now been publicized by the FSB, who have found the original, unedited footage. The rebels had demanded that Magomed denounce his work and ask for others not to participate within its ranks. The video would likely later be used as propaganda, recruiting young men into radicalism. Magomed, looking into the camera says – “Keep working, brothers.”

After these scenes, Magomed and his relative were shot. As part of the special forces operation, the FSB had a message to Magomed and his family – they are working, brother!

Russia’s Caucasus region has in the past been plagued by radical Islam where in the 1990s foreign clerics, funded by Western dollars, attempted to nurture a generation of radicals in order to destroy Russia from within. Today, regional leaders, as well as the FSB, keep a close eye on law and order in this area. 

Christians and Muslims have lived here for generations, and while the ethnic cauldron is occasionally stirred by outside forces – this land has not one but several religions fighting for its peace – an oxymoron as it may be. Magomed will be awarded posthumously.

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