Russia Reactivates Artillery Systems: moves them to Ukraine border


September 23, 2016 – Fort Russ News – 

Yuri Selivanov, Antifashist – translated by J. Arnoldski

By the end of this year, two self-propelled high-power artillery divisions will be formed in one of the Southern Military District’s artillery units. One division will be equipped with 240-,, self-propelled Tulipan mortars and the second will be armed with 203-mm 2C7M Malka self-propelled artillery installations. 

The highlight of the report by the Southern Military District’s press service is that we are dealing with quite old systems, a large part of which were pulled back into reserve in the 1990’s. Even a glance at the photo at the top of this article is enough to understand that we are talking about quite aged weapons systems. 

Nevertheless, these are heavy-duty installations which still do not have any equivalent artillery analogues and are still of significant military value. This is true especially considering their undergoing modernization, which increases their accuracy at hitting targets located at a distance of dozens of kilometers.

Putting these artillery systems back in operation might indicate a certain adjustment in the plans of deploying Russian armed forces on the border with Ukraine given the extreme uncertainty of the military and political situation and the possibility of “surprises” from our so-called “Western partners.” 

The risk of an unpredictable turn of events is probably being considered by the Russian command as highly relevant insofar as, along with planned rearming of the army with new military equipment, the military has resorted to increasing the combat power of troops by reactivating the arsenals of, albeit old, formidable weapons. 

This is being done despite the fact that the most important benchmark of the current state program on rearming the army is none other than the distribution of new equipment. This might spoil a few planned indicators. But, apparently, the reality of the situation is such that these indicators are no longer seen as the main priority.

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