Like WADA’s double standards, IMF breaks its own rules to give Ukraine CPR

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Christelle Néant, in DONiPRESS, September 15, 2016
Translated by Tom Winter September 16, 2016

This Thursday, the press service of the soit-disant Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko announced that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has released a new tranche of financial assistance to Ukraine.

“The IMF decision paves the way for the allocation of financial assistance from the United States to the tune of a billion dollars, and macro-financial assistance on the order of an additional EUR 600 million from the European Union with other international financial organizations,”said the press service citing Poroshenko, as quoted by tass TASS.

Poroshenko added that this would enable the country to “maintain a stable hryvnia, strengthen the macroeconomic stability that has been attained and support the first seeds of economic growth.” 

If Ukraine was not in the process of sinking to the ocean floor, with all its people on board, we would laugh, so this statement is all the more comical: There is no economic stabilization in Ukraine, and no return to growth can be expected before the last trumpet.

I will pass over the even more delusional assertions of Poroshenko that the IMF granted this tranche of aid to Ukraine after finding that it had initiated the required reforms. The IMF came to the aid of Ukraine because the United States still needs it. The total collapse of Ukraine now would be disastrous for American plans. Ukraine is already clinically dead, and doctors in the pay of the US, occasionally inject the country with a doping cocktail for it to have at least, faute de mieux, the appearance of the walking dead,.
This is why the IMF provided this slice in utter violation of its rules and statutes. 

This situation does not seem to embarrass the financial institution, even though they have refused loans to other countries (such as Greece and Argentina) for less than that.

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Indeed according to the same IMF Articles of Agreement, it can not normally lend to:
– A country that has little chance of repaying, or
– A country in default, or 
– A country at war.

Now Ukraine has all three at once !!! It is a country that has no chance to repay some day, that is in default on the $ 3 billion that Russia had loaned, and that is in a civil war for more than two years. 

How will the IMF then justify its refusal to other indebted countries like Greece after such a decision which is clearly political? Will we watch once more the blatant use of double standards, which has governed relations between the West and Russia for decades?

As in the scandal of the doped athletes, where hackers have discovered a strange favoritism for American athletes authorized to take highly psychoactive substances for “medical” reasons. I personally would like to know what heavy disease these athletes suffer from that allows taking amphetamines or steroids, especially if they are so seriously ill that they are in a stadium or a tennis court?

This use of increasingly blatant double standards by the West will lead to ruin as more and more people come to realize that they are being taken for idiots, and this usage is especially not to the liking of Russians and other members of BRICS nations, which will in due course repay the EU and the United States, for their total lack of respect for other countries.

Note: For deeper background into the IMF actions see this article.

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