MAJOR DEVELOPMENT: Russia affirms the US works with ISIS

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September 18th, 2016 – Fort Russ News – 
– By Joaquin Flores – 

This is a major development for a number of reasons. Russia has just dropped a very obvious bomb here – the US works with ISIS. We have the article with Russia’s official statement in the below section.

One thing we must be very clear about is that this was a coordinated attack between the US and ISIS, read this here: 

“ISIS launched attacks on the Syrian army positions in Deir Ezzor only 7 minutes after the US-led coalition’s airstrikes on Saturday, a military source said, adding that the air and ground assault were highly coordinated, According to FNA report.”

This seriously cuts against any US claims about this being an accident. additional information, in the below, also corroborates this. 

What’s big is not just the bombing action on the part of the US itself, but Russia’s now public and irreversible statements, all to be understood in the context of recent events. 

Israel bombed the SAA earlier in the week and as a response from the SAA, had several of their crafts shot down. Of course the Obama administration is going to be pressured by its ‘only democratic ally in the region’ to take direct action against the SAA, diplomacy be damned. So of course the US had to do something.

Things need to be set up so that the course of events and the dependent relationships have the effect of pushing Clinton and/or her successor into the White House. 

Samantha Power’s statements at the UN were deplorable, a real ‘low point’ in the history of US diplomacy. Of course the US has long been an imperialist power, only before it was able to couch this as the fight against communism. But this total lack of refinement, tact, comportment, sophistication, composure, and basic diplomacy on the part of the US’s Foreign Ministry and Press Secretary represents a new low in US history. 

It’s the Israelification of US diplomacy. 

They are all Tzipi Livni now, and narcissistically living in their own increasingly small, little world, cut off from reality and the real consequences which loom just over the horizon. But now, dawn is breaking.

And taking into consideration the US’s general problem in making progress on its real aim of destabilizing the region and unseating Assad, this sort of change of tact/act of desperation was an eventuality. 

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The Russian foreign ministry is right to comment (see the below) that perhaps this is why the US refuses to publicly publish the Russian-US agreement on Syria. 

Indeed, in standard Russian form, the truth which ‘everyone knows’ – that the US backs ISIS – is revealed in stages, piece by piece, strategically timed, taking into consideration any number of variables. Western media critics, as well as geopolitical trainspotters and public analysts alike, have for some time been wondering if and when the other shoe would drop. The Russians have gotten pretty close a few times to finally letting the cat out of the bag, and so here it goes …

– Flores


“Zakharov: We’ve come to a terrible conclusion – the US defends ISIS”

– – translated by J. Flores & J. Arnoldski – 

US air strikes against the troops of Bashar Assad in Syria suggest that the White House protects the terrorist group “Islamic State”. This was reported by the TV channel “Russia 24” as the words of the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

According to her, the Russian Foreign Ministry “is deeply concerned that the blows inflicted directly on the Syrian army, which had systematically destroyed the ISIS troops.” Neither over the course of daily contact between the Russian and American sides in the Geneva center for operative regulation, nor over the course of practically daily contact between Russian foreign ministry head Lavrov and US Secretary of State Kerry, did the Americans express such plans, Zakharova emphasized.

“Moreover, there was not even a hint of operational plans in the area” – she added – “This suggests that Washington, despite accepting the obligation to separate terrorists from the so-called Moderate opposition, is abandoning the fulfillment of its promises – or is simply powerless to fulfill the obligations it accepted for itself “

“If earlier we were suspicious that Jebat Al Nura was being covered for, then now, after today’s strikes on the Syrian army, we have come to a conclusion that is frightening for the whole world: the White House is defending ISIS,” she said. 

“If this is so, then perhaps this is why the American side is not agreeing to publish the Russian-American agreements on Syria. We demand an explanation from Washington as to whether this is a deliberate policy of supporting ISIS or another mistake,” Zakharova added.

On Saturday, 17th of September, the US coalition planes in Deir ez-Zor struck four times on the positions of the Syrian army , killing 62 and injuring about 100 soldiers of the SAA. The military were surrounded ISIS. The strokes caused by two F-16 aircraft, and two A-10 and combat drone, allowed the terrorists to go on the offensive.

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