Mikhail Khazin: The Biggest Flaw of the Anti-Globalist Agenda

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September 14, 2016

Mikhail Khazin

Translated by Kristina Kharlova

Михаил ХазинEconomist Mikhail Khazin is convinced: the era of globalization is nearing its dawn, and the anti-globalization theme will dominate in the global geopolitical space in the near future.

At the end of September Moscow will host the second congress of the “The Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia.” I’m not familiar with their agenda, but it is important to note the following. 

Everything is going in the direction that sooner or later the world will break up into regional clusters of division of labor, different currency zones. Myself and Andrei Kobyakov described this scenario in the book “The decline of the dollar empire and the end of Pax Americana”, which was published in 2003. In this sense, the anti-globalization theme not only has the right to exist — it will dominate in the global geopolitical space in the near future. 

But too many people try to spin this theme with their own agenda. This effort has a meaning only from the point of view of the creation of the alternative to the dollar source of economic development. 

If we are talking about local political games, then these efforts will be fruitless, since they lack an objective process as a foundation. Most of those whom we now call the anti-globalists — are the people who are opposed to negative, from their point of view, social effects of globalization. These arguments are not constructive, and they cannot win, because globalization always had purely economic reasons, and it can be opposed only by an alternative economic model that has not yet been created.

But today it may emerge. However, if the anti-globalization movement for some reason will not appeal to it, all their efforts will go to waste. This is why any anti-globalization congress is worthwhile only in the framework of creation of an alternative to the dollar system economic model.

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