No different from ISIS: Ukrainian child terrorist network exposed (PHOTOS+VIDEO)

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September 12, 2016 – Fort Russ News – 

Antifascist – translated by J. Arnoldski

Ukraine has systematically proven that it is a terrorist state, a true brother of the notorious ISIS. The Ministry of State Security of the Donetsk People’s Republic has discovered a network of Ukrainian special services agents and suppressed the activities of the saboteur group operating on the republic’s territory.  This has been reported by the official site of the MSS of the DPR.

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According to the report, over the course of counter-intelligence operations, it was discovered that in May 2015, an employee of Ukraine’s intelligence services, Igor Ritsko (call sign “Diamond”) who worked for the legendary Ukrainian Armed Forces Military Unit No. PP 3629, had proposed a minor of Yasinovataya, Bogdan Kovalchuk, to create a group of his friends to make money by beating debts out of businessmen in Yasinovataya. 

Bogdan Kovalchuk – b. 1998

The recruitment of the minor Bogan Kovalchuk for criminal activities was carried out by Ritsko according to the classic Ukrainian intelligence scenario. At one of the loading points for smuggled goods in the town of Skotovataya under the control of the Ukrainian special services, in broad daylight Ritsko approached the 17-year-old Bogdan Kovalchuk working on unloading one of the trucks. Subsequently, Ritsko threatened Bogdan with criminal liability for implication in smuggling goods across the contact line and persuaded the minor to cooperate with the Ukrainian side. 

Allegedly with the aim of beating debt payments out of businessmen, the group created by Bogdan was supposed to blow up the car of one businessman. To this end, Igor Ritsko gave Bogdan the components of an improvised explosive device and instructions on its use. 

Bogdan’s group included a number of minors, such as Arseniy Belavin, Vladislav Pazushko, Denis Khmelenko, and Denis Koval, who blew up two cars belonging to DPR citizens. The group of juveniles received a reward in the amount of 5,000 gryvnia for committing the crimes.

After blackmailing the kids with the crimes they committed and threatening physical violence against them and members of their families, Igor Ritsko persuaded Bogdan and his group to commit sabotage against military targets. Also using threats and blackmail, Bogdan and Arseny Belavin dragged their group of friends and classmates, including Solodovnikov and Mironov, into the group. [The videos of the confessions of each minor can be found here – J. Arnoldski]

The Ministry of State Security of the DPR has established that from May 2015 to June 2016, the group of minors comprised Kovalchuk, Belavin, Pazushko, Khmelenko, Solodovnikov, Mironov, and Kobal, who blew up civilian cars, an armored transport vehicle, and other civilian and military targets. Investigative and operational-search operations are currently working to determine all of the group’s participants and the guilt of each of them. 

The DPR’s Ministry of State Security has also reached the conclusion that other employees of Ukrainian intelligence services were also involved in recruiting minors, such as Kovalchuk and Belavin among others, using methods of pressure, threats, and blackmail.

The DPR has appealed to international human rights and social organizations to recognize that Ukrainian secret services’ recruitment of minors for criminal and terrorist activities is no different from the actions of such terrorist organizations as ISIS. The only difference is that the terrorism committed by minors is sanctioned by the Ukrainian state.

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