Obama’s bloody war: A somber remembrance of what was destroyed in Donetsk [Video]

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September 4th, 2016 – Fort Russ News – 
– By Joaquin Flores – 

To our Sunday readers, we take a moment to remember, and pledge never to forget, either the beautiful city of Donetsk, the horror it suffered, nor the efforts to rebuild it.  This war of the Obama administrations was only a natural expression of US foreign policy, one bent on destroying development and peace wherever it is. The US policy on Eurasia is to turn it into a war torn barren wasteland. 

It is difficult not to get a little sentimental watching the video above of pre-war Donetsk.  

And then when we look at some of the damage done, we won’t include here the human tragedy. We leave that to the imagination out of respect. 

Imagine living here and having to flee. Leaving behind whatever few valuables you’d managed to collect in this short life, and trinkets and mementos passed down from grandma. Imagine telling your children that home isn’t home anymore. This is what American foreign policy, despite its sanitized use of euphemisms and excuses, is all about. 

Imagine you’d worked and saved a number of years to buy a car. You knew you had a baby on the way, and dad’s knees aren’t what they used to be. This was really going to make life a little easier. What is the purpose of life now?

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This man runs for his dear life from his home building, being shelled. We here at Fort Russ are really curious if citizens in the US really think the people in the rest of the world are more concerned about this scenario, or ‘slut shaming’ or ‘online bullying’. 

People simply on their way home, to work, to a friend’s house or the market. Do innocent people really deserve this? This is what Americans are voting for every four years when they give their blessing to four more years of the same policies. 

An aerial view of damage to a place where people worked and made a living. We can imagine small talk at the water cooler, answering a ringing phone. Sharing with a coworker some pictures from the wedding. Then the sound of shells flying, the rumble of tanks …

This is the airport shown in the pre-war video. Will the US ever be forced to pay reparations? What would that look like, and under what conditions will that happen?

Is there a god? Does he know what some people are doing? How will the crimes against his children be retributed?

People forced to live in bunkers and basement as Obama’s bombs fall overhead. Does it really matter if they are Bush bombs or Obama bombs? Do Democrat bombs kill less than Republican ones?

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