Putin tells off Ukrainian Ambassador: “We didn’t annex anything”

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September 17, 2016 – Fort Russ News – 

 Olga Kozachenko, PolitNavigator – translated by J. Arnoldski

At the Commonwealth of Independent States summit in Bishkek, the leader of the Ukrainian delegation, Ukrainian Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan Nikolay Doroshenko, commented on two agenda items and proposed that Russia not be given CIS chairman status. [Russia is set to assume the role of CIS chairman for this term because Moldova officially declined the opportunity – JA]

“Given that the Russian Federation has violated the norms of international law, annexed part of the territory of Ukraine, and is contributing to the military conflict in Eastern Ukraine, the Ukrainian side does not except the transfer of chairmanship [over to Russia],” Doroshenko stated. 

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He continued: “As for point 5 on the census set for 2020, Ukraine will participate, but only if the Russian Federation does not count the population inhabiting the territory of Ukraine annexed by Russia, or else we will consider the results worthless.”

Putin replied: “Russia didn’t annex anything. Everything that happened with Crimea is the result of the illegal political actions of political forces in Ukraine went so far as to launch a coup d’etat. Crimea reunified with Russia as a result of the expressed self-determination of the people living on its territory. These actions were in full compliance with international law, the UN Charter, and relevant decisions of the UN Court of Justice on similar issues that are in the practice of the International Court of the UN.” 

The Russian leader also responded to the pretensions concerning Russia’s CIS chairmanship. Putin emphasized: “As is known, Ukraine, unfortunately, did not sign or ratify the CIS Charter. Therefore, it can hardly claim to be able to put forth any proposals for the organization’s work or its structure.” 

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