Results are in: US troops in Syria are defenseless vs. Russian tanks

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– September 11, 2016 – Fort Russ News – – translated by J. Arnoldski

The Achilles heel of American tanks, and in particular that of their main M1 Abrams battle tank, is their active defense system, Business Insider writes the article “US tanks have fallen far behind Russia in a key area.” 

According to a recently published report by the US Congress’ research services, at least 8 different anti-tank missiles are in use on the battlefield in Syria. The most dangerous of them are those of Russian origin. This observation by analysts’ is especially relevant for American military advisers and instructors in Syria. In effect, it means that the US Army needs is in need of a modernized tank defense system. As the newspaper notes, the Abrams tank, for example, lacks a dynamic protection system. 

What’s more, it’s difficult enough to equip US infantry and Marines with active defense weapons, Business Insider adds. Even if the Americans decided to purchase and adopt battle-tested Israeli Trophy systems, this would not solve the problem.

Marine infantry require active defensive weaponry that can be mounted on ships. The difficult of accomplishing such, however, is that radars and sensors used by such systems for the instant detection and destruction of targets can conflict with each other or disrupt other equipment. Moreover, active defensive systems work in millisecond ranges at speeds unattainable by man, and therefore have to be automated. But this increases the risks of causing collateral damage to personnel, the article says.

In turn, Russian tanks of the Armata make wield precisely such systems whose effectiveness has already been tested. In order to maintain an “asymmetric advantage”, the US must resolve the problem of defending their armored vehicles, Business Insider concludes. 

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