Russian Hackers – Russia’s Most Powerful and Invincible Weapon

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September 22nd, 2016 – Fort Russ News – By Denis Tukmakov – – Translated from Russian by Kristina Kharlova –

Our Hackers – Our Keepers

Amidst the ruins of the information war online warriors turn into Stavka’s main “reserve”

Denis Tukmakov

While the crimson eye of Big Brother towers above the world, burning through the souls of billions of people, swift hackers, these nameless loners, following the biblical wisdom about all the secrets that will be revealed, challenge this bloodthirsty monster. Without fear of reprisals and threats, they rush into unequal battle with a monster, attacking his weak points on their computer “hawks”, penetrating, losing soldiers, into his Holy of Holies, granting mankind hope for deliverance from the totalitarian oppression of information slavery. The shaken evil retreats, covered in wounds and holes through which shine the beams of victorious light of liberated truth.

Isn’t that how the frequent attacks of anonymous hackers, revealing the secrets of global directorate one after another appear? Here we have the hackers and the monster. Last week the global and Russian news cycle blew up with at least three scandals exposing global backstage masters, hardened in their ostentatious hypocrisy.

The first story was about the hacking group “Fancy Bear” hacking the server of the World Anti-Doping Agency, which revealed that the first doping villains on the planet are exactly those who most loudly blamed Russia – the Americans and the British. All that they needed for “legitimate” doping was a doctor’s note and WADA’s collaboration. In response, the agency could not come up with anything better than to act as an ancient satrap, executing the inauspicious messenger: instead of repentance for complicity in doping of a number of global sports celebrities – all asthmatics deprived of adult affection in childhood, they hung all the dogs on the hackers who brought the bad news.

The second story touched on the multi-million dollar system of “donations” — or put simply, bribes — which the national committee for the Democratic party of the United States for years collected from American merchants, in exchange granting them sinecures in the civil service. It turned out that to be appointed Ambassador, for example, to Finland cost $1.14 million, the post of the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission cost $3.49 million, and the chair of the assistant attorney general cost the buyer $850 thousand. Shameless trade of government positions — the first sign of the imminent collapse of any empire; however, the situation is complicated by the fact that corruption and cronyism of the government is the main and often the only charge, under the pretext of which America itself recently swept ‘authoritarian’ regimes on the planet one after another. Now it turns out that its own citizens themselves have a reason to set tires on fire outside the White House. Not only for simony, but for all total lies, which Washington has been feeding them and the whole world for decades: from the “Iraqi-Afghanistan trail” in the September 11 attacks and Colin Powell’s vials to pro-Ukrainian fakes and rigged data of the Fed.

One such lie is particularly disgusting — which largely hardened Russian hearts, forcing them to curse anyone in Russia who promises a “peaceful rapprochement with the West” and calls for the “return to the beaten path of civilization.” America has perverted the very notion of “liberal” and “liberalism” by making bets in our country on flat out bastards who don’t pity their own people. The third scandal of the week is linked to Maidan passions of some of such opposition activists, in which hackers also took part. Wiretaps of the conversation of the candidates for deputies of State Duma, Dmitry Gudkov and former secretary of the Opposition’s Coordination Council Dmitry Nekrasov, were published online, exposing the hardened cynics, able to walk on the heads of people:

“We must simply pay people who will bring people to the polls for money. We will go from how much we can rip in two years. Well, 150 million, no more. I’ll explain, how we should proceed. Very simple: we create a financial organization of veterans… they will provide connections with those with whom we can’t. The main thing is, when the crowd comes out on the street, there will be a command from the top to shoot … And the veterans will come in and say “Guys, don’t do that”, because there you will be fine… Through the veterans you can go to the very top, veterans are dissatisfied… there is fermentation at the top, and we can play on this fermentation.”

If this is not treason, then what is treason?

Without obvious hacking of sites, but with decisive participation of ‘the knights of the mouse and keyboard’ Russia firmly holds defense in the case of the downed Malaysian “Boeing”. A few days ago, the anonymous group “AntiFake” published the results of their own investigation online, clearly showing the lies and manipulation of the opposing side – bloggers from the group Bellingcat. This “battle on stylus” is now in its third year, and its main arena is not meeting rooms or courtrooms, but social media and newspaper headlines.

A similar battle is raging for Syria where we are opposed not only by a bearded man with grenade launcher, but refined Harvard graduate, who knows exactly how to create an attractive image for ISIS torturers (a terrorist organization banned in Russia) and how to stand alone against the ‘entire Assad’s propaganda machine’ from the London office of the Observatory of Human Rights in Syria.  

In our days, revolution begins with a single phrase on Twitter, and the reputation of intelligence agencies and entire states hinges on a couple of lines in Wikileaks. Among these ruins of the information war, in the age of the reign of television images and Wikipedia, in the era of the daily exposure of fakes and the collapse of customary views about people, countries and the universal order of things —  the “invisible soldiers”, going on raids of enemy server backups turn into a miracle weapon and the main “reserve of the Stavka”.

Is it conceivable that in this massacre the honor and the future of Russia depends on the success of anonymous loners cracking like nuts network enemy bunkers in between sessions of “Warcraft ” and “Tanks”? Or do we understand that their sophistication and technical equipment, their success and glory hint at the organization level, characteristic of large and serious offices? Each of their new victories is reminiscent of a volley of “Caliber” from the Caspian sea, or the unveiling of a new “super missile” at a Red Square parade — you watch this and think: “people are delivering”. Without fuss and smoke, without the involvement of political leadership — so that Peskov has something to deny, our hackers are protecting us, in uniform or not. And, if necessary, they will break not only into the servers of WADA or democratic party, but something more serious.

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