Russian Tank production ramps up as threat of war looms

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 September 11th, 2016 – Fort Russ News – 

– RIA – Translated by Yuri Romanov for Fort Russ – 


The military-technical forum
“Army-2016” held in Moscow did not happen without getting the attention of the
biggest producer of tanks in the world  –
the “Uralvagonzavod”, which used  the exhibition area near Moscow to showcase their new products. Here you can
see the latest upgrade of the T-90MS, which now offers customers  a remotely controlled 12.7 mm machine gun,
and the newest train platform with a lifting capacity of over 70 tonnes.

The CEO of Uralvagonzavod Oleg Sienko
told us about the new items presented at the exhibition in an interview with
the head of the relevant wording RIA Novosti Sergei Safronov.

— Oleg Viktorovich, tell us what new
products Uralvagonzavod were presented at the “Army-2016” forum ?

For the first time Uralvagonzavod presents
two  combat modules, caliber 30 and 57mm . The 57 mm gun is mounted on the “Barys” platform by the  “Kazakhstan engineering”
company.  The 30-mm module on KAMAZ jeep,
which was showcased in a closed exhibtion. In addition, we are showcasing the 12,7
mm machine gun on the BTR-80 platform. Also for the first time UVZ demonstrated
the  T-90MS with a remote-controlled 12mm

— Remote-controlled from outside the tank
or inside the tank?

Members of the crew control the machine gun from inside the tank.

In addition, in this exhibition we are
showcasing a 120-mm gun system on the basis of 8-axis  KAMAZ under the name “Phlox”. New
products are also widely represented by units of electrical equipment,
particularly generators that are now used on “Typhoon” armored cars,
T-72 tanks, T-90 tanks, and Arctic power stations, an automatic transmission
for vehicles, that’s what foreign buyers are interest in.

These units can be put on T-72 tanks, which
produced the most in the world (only made more than 30 thousand — ed.) and
which require modernization, and also for T-90 tanks of some foreign armies
that are now in the process of modernization in service equipment.

— Are plans for modernization of T-72
tanks to T-72B3 being completed according to contractual obligations?

— Well, not all T-72 tanks the Russian
army are upgraded to the level of the T-72B3. Now with the defence Ministry we
are discussing future contracts in this area. Now you need to determine the
number of remaining T-72 tanks, which the Ministry wants to upgrade to that
level. But we will offer them an enhanced package of upgrades including a new

— Is it going to be afurther
modernization of T-72?

Let’s just say it will be an improved

— How many T-72B3s does  the Russian army have?

— About one  thousand.

— Can we say that T-72B3 is practically a
T-90 tank?

— No, these are absolutely incomparable


 — What are the financial statistics of
your company by results of work for eight months of this year?

— Revenue for the first eight months of
this year compared to the same period of 2015 amounted to 56 billion rubles, of
which 46 billion comes from exports, which, in turn, has increased by four
times. The profit of the group amounted to 6.5 billion rubles.

— Due to what?

— We have 
increased the export of our products by four times. And we started to
increase the production of civilian goods, i.e. rail cars. We received a
lot  of orders before the end of the year
and are now discussing  the long-term
five-year contracts with other companies.

By the way, at this exhibition we
presented the railway platform of 70 tonne capacity  for transportation of equipment. This is a
new platform with a ramp for loading equipment without special devices in the

— Did you create a new ammunition for

We are working in this direction, we act as consultants. But while we
use them for live-fire tests to confirm the technical specifications, we, by
the way, it confirms the old shell. I hope that during the year our colleagues
will create the new shell.

By the way, we have proactively created a
125-mm remotely-explosive ammunition. We did it. We got OCD, development,
product testing and adopting it. And even today we already offer it for export.

— So it turns out that the new ammunition
for “Armata” is still there?

It is there, but we need a new
high-explosive shells and armor -piercing sabots for fight heave armored

— It is known that the first contract for
100 “Armata” tanks has already been signed and delivery has already
begun. Will there be a new contract soon?

— Indeed, we confirm that deliveries have
begun. We just have to deliver  2.3 thousand
of these tanks in the Russian army. With regard to the new contract, everything
is defined by the customer, we only prepare the production site.

— How are negotiations with the defence
Ministry on this issue going?

All negotiations have been completed, now
the most important thing is that the customer had the money.

— Have the first 20 vehicles that
participated in the Victory parade already entered service in the Russian army?

Yet they still pass the test, we continue
the test program and quite successfully.

— About 28 new types of military
equipment can be developed on the “Armata” platform . It is already
known about the development of the howitzer “Koalitsiya”, heavy
infantry fighting vehicles, an engineering Vehicle. What else is on the way?

— We proposed the concept of creating on
the “Armata” platform, in particular – air defense systems including
“Thor”, “Buk”. We can offer to create a new combat  tank support vehicle “Terminator”,
but with a gun caliber of 57 millimeters instead of 30 millimeters.

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