Surprise for German and French FMs: Kramatorsk greets Steinmeier and Eyraud with protest demonstration

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“Displeased over ‘Minsk’, citizens of Kramatorsk sent Eyraut and Steinmeier packing”

Irina SILYANOVA, in RiaFAN, September 15, 2016

Translated from Russian by Tom Winter

Kramatorsk, 15 September. Dissatisfied with the progress of the Minsk agreements, residents of Kramatorsk forced the Foreign Ministers of Germany and France, who are on a visit to Ukraine, to leave the city. This was reported by the urban site of Kramatorsk.

The foreign ministers of France and Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, and Jean-Marc Eyraud, accompanied by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin, went to the east of Ukraine, in particular, to the city of Kramatorsk, where the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission is based.

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However, local residents met the European politicians not with open arms, but with placards, such as “Today Ukraine, tomorrow –  all of Europe?” And “Do not repeat Munich 1938” (referring to the Munich agreement, in which Nazi Germany received from Czechoslovakia, the Sudetenland. – edd).. Thus, the protesters expressed their dissatisfaction with the [lack of] progress on the Minsk agreements.

“In fact, they are now (Foreign Ministers of France and Germany. – edd) in Slavyansk … When they were with us in Kramatorsk, we had a demonstration where the disgruntled residents of Kramatorsk went out and said that their work on the Minsk agreements is not satisfactory, which possibly is what led to their rapid departure to the city of Slavyansk,” said the correspondent of Kramatorsk.

Earlier, the Foreign Minister of Ukraine said that the issue of a special status of Donbass is not for Europe to pressure Ukraine about, but a subject for Ukraine to pressure Europe.

We recall that in Kiev, they continue to ignore their obligations for the implementation of the Minsk agreements, in all parts, the political, and the military, and the humanitarian. In particular, the Ukrainian side has not been complying with the ceasefire established on September 1 and 15 and has even further sabotaged the negotiation process. 

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