FALSE FLAG: UN Convoy another Information War Fake?

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September 21, 2016 – Fort Russ News – 

Tsargrad – translated by J. Arnoldski

Following military and diplomatic failures, the United States has launched an information war against Syria and Russia. Yesterday, we discussed the provocation in Deir ez-Zor, where the American coalition aided ISIS terrorists in seizing strategic heights. Today, new information stuffing has appeared.

Western media are spinning the news of a supposed UN humanitarian convoy destroyed near Aleppo by Russian or Syrian air forces….But was there ever actually such a convoy?

There is a video of a convoy before departure, in the footage of which you can see trucks with UNICEF flags. A volunteer says that the 31 trucks are headed to Aram al-Kubra carrying food and medicines. [ But is this the same convoy is that which was hit? The UNICEF one is apparently still there – ed ]

Aram al-Kubra is a small village which before the war numbered around 5,000 inhabitants. Since the war began, it has been totally emptied. The village is located in the deep rear of Al-Nusra militants and is used as a backup base for groups trying to break into Aleppo. The picturesque ruins have been used by various human rights organizations as a decorative backdrop for stories about Russian and Syrian airstrikes on civilians.

Here, in fact, is a screenshot from a video from November 2012. The war had just begun, and the man already familiar to us from the other video is talking about the destruction of the city. 

Then these same ruins are used to blame the Syrian government for using napalm and cluster bombs. Then they began to blame Russian planes for bombing hospitals and schools. But there is not a single hospital in Aram al-Kubra. The construction of a medial center was interrupted by the civil war, and private physicians use rented offices.

Blaming the Russian air force for airstrikes on civilians appeared out of thin air. Western and opposition media could not present any evidence. As you know, burning trucks somewhere and with something without any recognizable signs and then unleashing hysterical cries is quite a weak argument.

Here is the footage of the supposedly burning UN convoy. Somehow, the trucks and their cargo were no longer marked as UNICEF, but labeled as from the Bureau for Refugee Affairs. The sad Arab in a funny helmet repeats like a mantra: “We brought 20 trucks of aid to Syrian Christians. All the things here went to Syrian Christians.”

To what Christians living in the terrorists’ rear was the convoy delivered? Syrian Christians live in the territories controlled by the army because the oppositions’ militants (the thugs of Jebat al-Nusra) simply exterminated all Christians on captured territories or forced them to flee. Such simple lines were designed for a Western audience – Europeans and Americans ignorant and troubled by reasonable thinking who, seeing these pictures, really believe that Russia bombed a UN convoy, Syrian Christians, and all and sundry.

The voiceover tragically moans about Russian airstrikes on a humanitarian convoy. Three children covered in dust and bandages cry for the camera. But the question arises: if the strike was inflicted on a UN convoy, then why were five-year-old children the victims? Who are they? Truckers, drivers, or translators? But the ordinary viewer just sees a crying child and believes any nonsense said on camera.

The frankly propagandistic channel of Qatar Wahhabis does not even hesitate to lie. At the beginning of the Syrian war, Al-Jazeera transmitted the orders to then unorganized gangs of rebels. Daily news showed stories of [non-existent] attacks on this or that target. After seeing the story on TV, militants attacked the site a few hours later. Al-Jazeera journalists then managed to be in the right place at the right time when and where the militants began their next operation. The same can be said about the elusive “Al-Qaeda” terrorists sought by the whole world’s intelligence services – they are peacefully communicating with correspondents of this interesting channel. Recently on Al-Jazeera, for example, an official statement was made by al-Muhaisen, the main preacher of Jebat al-Nusra, who called for a global massacre in the style of his jihadist competitors from ISIS.

But let’s return to the bombed-out UN trucks.

The news of the humanitarian convoy raised a lot of questions which are constantly being given new answers. How was the convoy bombed? Opposition sources can’t agree whether it was a barrel bomb from a Syrian helicopter, a raid by Russian fighter jets, or a missile strike. Whose cargo was it? The US’s official representatives can’t decide if it was the Red Cross’, UNICEF’s, or other NGOs’. 

And who is the source of all this information from Syria? Western media have cited the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. This is a Twitter account run by some Abdel Rahman, a shawarma trader in London who has no more connections to Syria and Syrian events then to you, with his London shawarma. 

An information war has been raging for a while. More than half of the information circulating in the media, social networks, and the internet are blatant lies. Propagandists mainly emphasize pity and simple feelings. Hence their spotlight on the disabled and children.

This photograph appeared in newspapers and journals with the caption “Boy sleeps beside his revolutionary parents’ grave in Syria.” Sad, huh? But this boy is the nephew of the author, and he lives in Saudi Arabia. The photographer landscaped this handful of gravel himself.

Here’s the video of the young boy Omran from Aleppo who was allegedly the victim of a Russian airstrike. Look how activists first put him on the couch, then on a stretcher, and then filmed and photographed him instead of offering medical assistance as if he didn’t really need it.

And here’s a fake from the city of Madaya, where the population allegedly died from hunger. The photos of anorexic children turned out to be photoshop, and the originals were stolen from the social network accounts of Lebanese and Indian adolescents.

Here, in fact, is a photo of the supposedly starving civilians of Madaya during an anti-government rally: bearded men with well-fed faces.

Following the scandal of Deir ez-Zor, where the American coalition provided air support for ISIS terrorists, Western media have had to somehow distract the public, “wag the dog”…It is clear that promoting this information stuffing to the scale of a recognized warcrime will not end successfully. But it will give Washington time to think up another dirty trick. 

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