The West lives in debt – Putin [Video]

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September 4th, 2016 – Fort Russ News –

RT – by Inessa Sinchougova

They say that if you want to understand the values of a particular society – take a look at it’s architecture and buildings. Which ones stand out as the most glamorous in today’s world? Why of course -the international banks and financial institutions. 

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All countries live in debt, albeit to much larger proportions in the West – but to whom? A handful of fat cat CEOs. 

In this quick outtake, Putin talks about the state of the international economy. The key point to take away is that the US prints fiat money, backed by nothing more than thin air, while the national debt level only gets larger (19 trillion!) 

The only way this situation can change is through the imposition of a parallel financial system that steers away from the US dollar as the reserve currency. Gaddafi attempted to do this in his time, through the use of the gold backed dinar. Russia and China are the only ones left that at time times allude to the possibility of a world in which the dollar is no longer the reserve currency. 

In theory, such a system would dismantle the 500 year old Rothschild Empire. The empire that continually sponsors both sides of wars in order to keep the sheeple occupied. Sigh.

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