“This is our country! This is our airport! “- Chinese security tells off Obama staffer (VIDEO)

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September 7th, 2016 – Fort Russ News –
– Fort Russ Staff –

In recapping some of the highlights of the G20 summit in Hangzhou China, which wrapped up on Monday, we naturally turn to this memorable ‘confrontation’ between an Obama staffer and what appears to be Chinese security personnel. Because the G20 itself is a largely symbolic gathering of world leaders to discuss a range of issues in this non-binding format. The symbolism of last weekend’s controversy at the airport truly does speak volumes, and reflects – in large part – the general mood of the meeting: countries are increasingly irritated at the US’s imperial hubris. 

The Chinese security agent doesn’t forget what country he’s in – China! But the whiny Obama staffer protests in a very chosen and shrill tone, the lack of deference to American exceptionalism.

Over the loud sound of jet turbines, we can make out the Obama staffer say ”This is our press, they are standing under the [inaudible]”, her hand gesture goes along with ‘standing under’. 

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The Chinese gentleman has to retort, “This is our country, this is our airport!”

Yes, of course it is. And naturally the Chinese security agent knows very well that wherever American elites go, they indulge in imperial privilege. But not this time, and not in China. Not on his watch. Bravo, Chinese guy, whoever you are.

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