Ukraine: Where Rape is “Patriotic” and worth 100 Euros

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September 17, 2016 – Fort Russ News – 

– Svyatoslav Knyazev, PolitRussia – translated by J. Arnoldski

The Ukrainian publication “Korrespondent” has analyzed what, in Ukrainian reality, happens to people who dare to criticize the Kiev government and its policies. The results are shocking, especially given that thieves and pedophile-rapists live at large in today’s Ukraine as long as they are “heroes of the ATO.”

Freedom-loving European journalists call criticism of the current Kiev regime, which came to power through a coup d’etat, “anti-Ukrainian activity.” The facts collected by “Korrespondent” will stop anyone in their tracks: 

5 years of deprivation of freedom for social media posts

A resident of Chernigov was sentenced to 5 years of deprivation of freedom including confiscation of property for supposedly spreading appeals in support of Novorossiya on social networks.

SBU agents arrested a radio host from Pavlograd who criticized the Ukrainian army and mobilization as well as “informed on social and political sentiment in the coal industry of Dnepropetrovsk.” Just think about the wording of this itself. In this case, no comment is necessary.

Writer and blogger Miroslav Berdnik is under investigation by the SBU for opposing the Maidan and the heroization of Bandera. “Experts” saw in his critique of Ukrainian nationalism calls for the “violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine” and “insubordination to Kiev authorities.”

Korrespondent’s list, of course, is far from complete. Ukrainian officials not too long ago ceased to report the number of criminal cases against “separatists”, but the SBU, Ministry of Internal Affairs, and Prosecutor counted more than 10,000 just a year ago. And many of them involved more than one person.

A 24-year-old resident of Dnepropetrovsk region was sentenced to 3 years of deprivation of freedom for “discrediting” the armed forces of Ukraine on social networks. Let us note that “defamation” or “discrediting” is understood as the publication of data on the number of peaceful civilians killed by Ukrainian “defenders.

A resident of Sumy was locked up for 4 years for supporting the referendum on reunifying Crimea with Russia in 2014 on social networks.

The famous Kharkov athlete and public figure Spartak Golovachev has been under arrest for 2 and a half years while awaiting a court verdict. He is accused of activities that led to the storm of the Kharkov administration in spring 2014. During the entire investigation, no evidence and not a single witness could be found to testify to Spartak’s guilt. But they’re still keeping this man behind bars.

In addition to the tens of thousands of people involved in criminal cases or under investigation, there are “separatists” in jails and labor colonies who have been more “lucky.” They were simply “let off the hook.”

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In particular, this applies to teachers from Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye universities who dared to participate in a linguistic conference in Crimea. Or the employees of Kiev’s Dragomanov Pedagogical University who posted St. George Ribbons on their social network pages.

In Zaporozhya region, “activists” launched a harassment campaign and achieved the dismissal of teachers who liked posts “dedicated to the children of Donbass” and depicting Yatsenyuk as a gypsy fortune teller foretelling increases in utility prices.

This country, let us recall, considers itself “European.” In order to emphasize its “Europeanness,” let us say a few words about those who, in the new reality, aren’t punished. Or, if they are, very moderately.

100 euros compensation for minors raped by Ukrainian soldiers

On June 10th, 2016, an Ivankov district court in Kiev region issued a sentence for an “ATO fighter” who “unnaturally” raped an underage girl who, according to experts’ testimony, “was not sexually mature.” In the Russia that Ukrainian patriots so hate or in their beloved America, such a “hero” would be jailed for many long years. But the Ukrainian “European” court considered the rapist’s participation in the ATO, thereby fully freeing him from punishment, instead deciding to compensate the raped child for moral damages in the amount of… 3000 hryvnia! According to the current currency rate, this is just over 100 euros! 

After the sentencing, the judge who issued such told journalists with a grin that he considered his decision justified because the mother of the raped girl, in his words, “did not sufficiently substantiate the moral trauma of her daughter’s rape.”

In another case, a Right Sector fighter, nicknamed “Man-eater”, was released on bail in June 2016 despite being accused of robbery. After his release, all information on the judicial proceedings of the case disappeared from the media. Everything suggests that the case was simply discontinued.

A court also released on bail an ex-commander of Aidar (whose members hold radical right wing and neo-Nazi views), Lykholit, despite being accused of robbery. After his bail was extended, the “brakes were put on the case.”

In August, the “Yakut” gang, part of the “Donbass” battalion and having committed 30 officially confirmed serious crimes (extortion, robbery, kidnapping) against civilians, was released on bail.

The “release” of criminals usually happens in the same scenario. A group of “activists” in camouflage stand outside the court while parliamentary deputies present in the court threaten the judges with big trouble, after which the accused are released and the judges lose their desire to charge anyone.

But such affairs are just drops in the ocean. A large portion of the crimes committed by the “warriors of light” don’t even make it to law-enforcement agencies. In Donbass, especially the part occupied by Kiev’s troops, the number of missing civilians is growing.

Ukraine, of course, is Europe. But it is medieval Europe in its worst aspects – executions and incarcerations in dungeons for irreverent criticisms of kings and dukes, the looting and plunder of residential areas by troops, torture for slander, and the right of the “nobility” to kill, maim, and rape “commoners” with impunity. 

Europe and the UN have finally, slowly begun to open their eyes to see what is happening in the wondrous new Ukraine. But who knows how many more people will be killed and how many more lives will be crippled before this reality is finally revealed and ended. 

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