Ukrainian Nationalist – New Regime Is As Bad As The Separatists [VIDEO – ENG Voiceover + Subs]

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Fort Russ, September 28th, 2016

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By Tatzhit Mihailovich

 “Shuster LIVE”, a very popular Ukrainian talk live show,
was discussing the Rada (Parliament) decision to declare the Russian
elections illegitimate ( I can only quote Lavrov on that whole issue).

Suddenly, one of the nationalists in the
audience blew up and basically said that the “new democratic regime”
are illegitimate clowns, liars and bandits themselves. 

Note the round counter in the corner – it’s the percentage of the show’s
audience that agreed with what he’s saying (basically around 90% agreed).

VIDEO [ENG Voiceover + Subtitles]:

It only took these people two and a half years to start realizing what sane folks like us have been saying all along – the Maidan “revolution” is a scam, and the worst crime against Ukrainians in recent history.

Even under Stalin, Ukrainian population grew steadily (by some ten million), whereas under various “patriotic” governments, Ukrainians have been dying out at an ever-increasing rate:

The irony of it all is that Anti-Maidan
were the real patriots of Ukraine, not the Soros/USAID Quislings. This
man will realize it too, in time.

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