Understanding Donbass, and how our American Friends thumb their nose at the world

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 September 20, 2016 – Fort Russ News –

– Sans Frontières, Jacques Clostermann, translated by Tom Winter – 

[Clostermann is president of Mon Pays La France]

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I got to Donbass with my friend Jean-Josy Bousquet, attorney representing the League of the Rights of Man, for a brief one-week mission.

In these two departments, Donetsk and Luhansk, the Russian patriots, i.e. those whose language and culture have been Russian since forever, oppose themselves to the centralized Ukrainian forces, that are manipulated and organized backstage by Washington, intending to impose NATO, completing the NATO-ized cordon sanitaire which, from Turkey all the way to the Baltics, isolates Russia from Europe.

The US maneuver takes its entire direction from a reading of the famous book The Grand Chessboard of Zbignew Brzezinski, grand  poohbah of the State Departments policies, published in 1997, and that even then announced the future manœuvres of the CIA “between 2005 and 2015” to destabilize Ukraine.*

Today the Ukrainian Finance Minister, Nathalie Jaresko, is an American, and, as can go without saying, was imposed by Washington. She has almost instantly taken on Ukrainian citizenship — an opportunist measure fitting in with the American strategy.

[*In the original, the words about Brzezinski are repeated verbatim at this point.]

Her dossier is exemplary: graduate of Harvard and the University of Chicago, she was head of the economic section of the US Embassy in Kiev. She is also, incidentally, director of the US investment fund Horizon Capital. A real patriot of Ukraine, of some sort !…

To understand the crisis of Donbass we must understand that Ukraine is historically separated into two. To the north are the pro-westerners, who suffered under the Stalinist regime, and who welcomed the Nazis as liberators. Whence arise the swastika flags and the overt Nazi involvement in the Ukrainian forces and militias, which must be seen within a historical perspective. 

But the Southern population has always been Russian-speaking and pro-Russian.

Wanting to reduce the centrifugal political force that historically pushed the Donbass toward Russia, strengthened nowadays by the US manipulation, two years ago Kiev very awkwardly banned the use of the Russian language on the territory … which is still the height of provocation, hence the explosion of Donbass.

The people, themselves, do not say but one thing: “we have always been Russian, we always spoken Russian, our culture is Russian, so peace — screw it!” [qu’on nous f… la Paix] – just about the view expressed to me by A. Kofman, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of Donetsk.

So I met men and women there who’ve been suffering from the war, very courageous, very determined, and loving France and the French. I was so very moved by the welcome extended to me the French section of the University of Donetsk. They became second cousins to me and I appreciate the friendship they have given me.

This people is Russian, plain as that, and would remain so under self-determination. Nothing is easy to understand in this situation, especially with distance, but everyone will be able understand that the US maneuvers in Kiev have become unbearable to the people of Donbass. I support their fight.

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