US funded Ukrainian Army is increasingly Terrorizing civilians!

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September 9th, 2016 – Fort Russ News – 

– EoT with Russell Bentley, text by Inessa Sinchougova –

video below

Russell Bentley is a former US marine, that now fights for the Donbass, Eastern Ukraine, against the US-funded Ukrainian army. Please help Russell by sharing this video on your channels/blogs/tweets. If you are in a financial position to help Russell, please head to his website ( I know that all the donations go to the people of Donbass, as well as allow Russell to continue his work.

Ukraine’s puppet president Poroshenko (born Waltzman) and Victoria Nuland, (born Nudelman) , Assistant Secretary of the State Department, are in cahoots over the situation in Eastern Ukraine. “Poroshenko” receives an incredible amount of US funds to arm his weak army, that is charged with carrying out ethnic genocide against civilians in Eastern Ukraine (who are pro-Russia.) Many of these Ukrainian soldiers are Slavs that have been brainwashed by the cabal – this is a war that is literally brothers killing their own brothers.

Meanwhile, Western mainstream media spins the opposite story. That it is “Russia not fulfilling the Minsk agreements” [which forbid heavy fire, among other things.] But Russia is not party to the Minsk agreement – only Kiev and the leaders of the Donbass are. The only way this story works, is when the Western viewer is told that there is a “Russian invasion” in the Ukraine. It is common sense that if that was true, Kiev would not be standing today.

Pondering the origins of their names, it is very difficult not to get mired into the Zionist discussion. Why does this group of people feel entitled to the Earth? The majority of us strive to cooperate and live in peace with all the peoples of the world – Russians, Americans, it doesn’t matter.

I feel the need to distinguish between Zionism and Jews here, because just as there are Muslims and radicals, as well as European Christians and white supremacists, my comments concern only the Zionist cabal and should not be taken out of context. 

America has been taken hostage – see Clinton’s emails to Lynn Rothschild on Wikileaks. They are searchable by keyword.

This group of people will have the feeble minded citizens of the world running around in circles arguing with one another. In the end, it is your taxpayer dollar, dear hardworking American citizen, that is funding these wars – instead of funding your schools, roads and infrastructure. Imagine what $5 billion could fix in your own country, without the hegemony.

Russians and Americans have much more in common than we have things to fight about – so when will you take your country back? When will you understand that you live in a hamster wheel, based on fabricated ideas? 

So long as there are people like Russell, Givi, Motorola, and the many unknowns who have laid down their lives against Antlanticist fascism – Russia and Novorossia will stand as it stood for thousands of years, centuries before the US was ever colonized. 

“Not one step backwards” – as it was in WWII, it will be in WWIII.

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