Was Poroshenko’s UN rant his last?

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September 22, 2016 – Fort Russ News – 

Ruslan Ostashko, PolitRussia – translated by J. Arnoldski

Petro Poroshenko has developed his geopolitical activism and continues to entertain observers with his wrinkled suits and clumsy attempts at begging for cookies from the leaders of other countries. For some reason, Ukrainian experts think that the pseudo-president is inflicting serious damage upon Russia with his actions and is demonstrating the capacity of the Ukrainian state. In fact, however, the only ones affected by the Ukrainian government’s actions are Russian comedians. They simply can’t compete with Poroshenko who works with quality and efficiency every day for free. 

And so, what did the Ukrainian pseudo-president achieve during his voyage to New York?

First of all, he delivered a sparkling speech at the UN assembly in support of the Russian Federation, No, I haven’t misspoken. I haven’t heard such advertising for Russia in a long time. As it turns out, Russia is frightening, a strong enemy, and a terrifying aggressor. After such a speech, the leaders of surrounding countries should tremble with fear and send telegrams to Putin begging to accept them in the mighty Russian Empire. 

Especially funny is how this all must have looked since the UN session during which Poroshenko spoke was dedicated to the issue of refugees. Poroshenko told of a million internal refugees in Ukraine, but he forgot to mention that they did not appear out of nowhere, but because of the actions of the Ukrainian Army against its own citizens, but this is just a detail. Those present at the assembly surely know this. He also forgot to say that the Ukrainians who have escaped and fled are en masse in Russia, which is the alleged aggressor country. 

Well, of course, it would have been very interesting to hear about how Poroshenko’s factory is functioning in the aggressor country too. Apparently, he was too embarrassed to talk about his personal business at the UN. What do we have as a bottom line in terms of bonuses for Ukraine from this speech? Nothing, besides deep moral self-infatuation.

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It is clear that Poroshenko did not go the United States to address the UN. He went so as to comply with the age old tradition of kissing the sultan’s shoes. Ah, sorry, I didn’t formulate this right. In modern diplomatic language, this procedure is called “discussing strategic cooperation with Hillary Clinton.” A meeting was held, but there were no specific promises confirmed by the American side. For example, nothing was said about the Kiev regime’s desired Javelin missiles or, the greatest disappointment of all, the billions of dollars that Poroshenko really wants from the US. The audience was stone cold, without a spark. 

What’s more, Poroshenko made a big foolish mistake. He tried to meet with Trump as well! But in vain. According to media reports, Trump simply ignored his invitation to meet. This is logical given what Poroshenko himself and his scribblers have written about the Republican candidate. The trick here is that Trump has the advantage, but Poroshenko doesn’t. As a result of Poroshenko’s maneuver he, on the one hand, spoiled relations with Clinton’s headquarters, which obviously doesn’t appreciate such two-facedness, while, on the other, he was subjected to public humiliation by Trump. For Russia, a better result could not have been achieved.

Nevertheless, the Ukrainian leader’s visit to the US could not have ended with no victories at all, and so they found one. But his meeting with Obama for breakfast, where Poroshenko planted himself next to Obama, who never the found time to schedule a normal, formal meeting, cannot be considered “victorious.” No diplomatic breakthroughs were made over breakfast. 

The main “victory” was Erdogan’s “statement”, in which he supposedly promised Poroshenko to support Ukrainian claims to Crimea. The “victory” here is supposedly yet another betrayal of Putin by Erdogan and another policy reversal by Turkey. But considering that the only news source for such is Poroshenko’s personal site, I would be careful to trust it completely. But even if it is true, I still do not see any victory for Ukrainian diplomacy or Turkish betrayal. As always in the East, what the Turkish president does is more important that what he says.

We also need to understand that official Ankara will never, even during the most ideal relations with Russia, recognize Crimea. This is not due to a desire to annoy or harm Russia, but simply due to a sense of self-preservation. 

Thanks to the Americans’ efforts, an independent Kurdistan is now brewing in Turkey, and if Ankara recognizes the Crimean referendum, then this would give the Americans a spur to recognize Kurdish separatists, who would then use the “Crimean precedent” against Erdogan just like we used the “Kosovo precedent” against the West. So, there is no need to expect any miracles from Turkey. The realistic maximum is accomplishing Turkish Stream and closing off the Turkish-Syrian border. And that’s enough for us. 

But Poroshenko should relish as long as he can. Even if Clinton comes to power, then it is most likely that she will need a much more radical president who can throw the entire Ukrainian Army in a last offensive against the DPR, LPR, and even Crimea. Poroshenko doesn’t fit this role. He could very well be hanged on the Maidan to amuse crowds. They say that you can’t breath before you die. But you can get drunk. 

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