Will Clinton Drop out? Most Democrats support Sanders

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September 17th, 2016 – Fort Russ News – 
– RT Russia – translated by J. Flores – 

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Most of the US Democratic Party supporters want Bernie Sanders to replace Hillary Clinton if so required by the health status of the candidate. This is evidenced by results of a survey of the American analytical center Rasmussen Reports.

US citizens who support the views of Democrats, answering the question of who should replace Clinton, if she still would have to give up her candidacy in the upcoming elections, preferred Bernie Sanders, according to a survey of American analytical center Rasmussen Reports .

Among the respondents, 48% were in favor of the candidacy of Democrat Bernie Sanders, recently the former opponent  of Clinton at the primary stage, 22% have support US Vice President Joe Biden, and 14% for senator from Virginia Tim Kane.

Research Center also found that, according to Democratic voters, the media devoted too much time to the health of their main candidate. Along these lines, 46% of the respondents believed this was the case, with 28% believing the opposite – journalists need to pay more attention to this problem.

US presidential candidate for the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton and the state of her health have been the subject of much discussion in the media as of late.

Recall that on September 15th, the physician for Clinton,  Lisa Bardak, reported that the US presidential candidate was put on a ten-day course of treatment for pneumonia.

Clinton was forced to leave the commemoration events dedicated to the anniversary of the September 11th attacks, due to poor health. The Clinton campaign headquarters explained that the candidate for the US presidency was not well because of the heat. Later the headquarters acknowledged that on September 9th Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia, due to which she was prescribed antibiotics.

Earlier in the summer some media put forward the unconfirmed speculation that Clinton suffers from Parkinson’s disease (a chronic degenerative disease of the motor system, typical for older adults) or epilepsy. Adding to the media’s doubts is the fact that one of the pre-election headquarters’ minibuses is equipped with lifts for a wheelchair. 

In addition, the results of the poll by YouGov  suggests massive distrust of Clinton’s words about her health: only 46% of American voters believe in her statements about their own health. 

Earlier on Saturday, the host of the program The Tonight Show on NBC, Jimmy Fallon, jokingly welcomed  the US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to the studio show, wearing a surgical mask.

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