Yasenyukian Wall: rat-hole for Hryvnia might keep out Russian hens

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September 28 – Fort Russ News –

– Arguments and Facts, September 28, 2016, translated by Tom Winter –

«Wall against Russian Hens». What has Ukraine built on the border for Four Billion?

“This mesh fence wouldn’t stop a wild rabbit. And what do we see now? No walls, no money, and what’s more, no Yatsenyuk”

Ex-premier Yatsenyuk’s project to build a wall on the border with Russia keeps getting financed despite the fact that no one can find a finished wall — nor the funds allocated to it.

“We are completing the work in the Kharkiv region and we began in Lugansk. Total done to date is 12% of the border with Russia. It is very small, ” recent statement of Basil Servatyuk, first deputy head of the State Border Service of Ukraine. 

However, in 2016 in the meager budget of Ukraine UAH 200 million (US $ 7.7 million.) was allocated to the project.
Moreover, it appears that there are two parallel plans to build a wall on the border with Russia. The first, the “European Wall” at a cost of 74 million dollars was presented at a meeting of the Cabinet September 5, 2014. After more than two months on the books of the Ministry of Infrastructure, responsible for the implementation of the project, they did advance 235 million UAH (about $ 9 million.) and some work was begun. But a month later the project was transferred to the books of the State Border Service. For a further 2.5 months more almost UAH 164 million (US $ 6.3 million.) came right in. Also “tens of millions of euros” were allocated from the EU for the construction on the border. But, according to the Chairman of the EU Delegation to Ukraine Ian Tombinski, these, too have disappeared somewhere.

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In 2015, there was another wall project, an expensive one –  UAH 4.136 billion (US $ 160 million). Funds for it were to be spread out in installments to the end of 2018. Already 400 million UAH was allocated last year, this year – another 200 million. “Since May 2015, two projects have been going on in one and the same part of Ukrainian territory, which by their nature and content are identical and both were allocated state funds,” said Verkhovna Rada Deputy Elena Sotnik. 

So she went with a group of colleagues to check what has been built for the money.

Instead of a powerful fortification on the border they found a mesh fence no more than 2 meters tall and an anti-tank ditch looking more like a small groove. “This mesh fence wouldn’t stop a wild rabbit. And what do we see now? No walls, no money, and what’s more, no Yatsenyuk,” exclaimed yet another deputy, Borislav Bereza, after the “tour.” 

He said that the former prime minister has in fact buried 650 million USD (25 million USD.). Elena Sotnik assessed the extent of the scam even more sharply: “A four billion Hryvnia hole.” The discrepancy in figures is easy to explain. But so far no one can clearly report either what kind of money or what it has been spent on, under the guise of this grandiose structure.

The touring deputies assigned the job of figuring out where the money is to the National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) The Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (SAP) has launched an investigation into possible abuse in the construction of “The Wall” project, said the head of SAP Nazar Holodnitsky.

It is not clear who profited from the construction of the “wall against Russian hens,” as they have dubbed this project in Parliament, but, according to Belgian media, Yatsenyuk now lives on a huge villa near Brussels, and allegedly has even opened a real estate agency …

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