ALEPPO SITREP: SAA triple offensive brings victory closer than ever

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October 3, 2016 – Fort Russ News – 

Numerous reports state clearly now that the Syrian Arab Army, fighting its way further into Aleppo from multiple directions, is nearing the brink of a decisive victory in retaking this strategically crucial city. 

While Syrian ceasefire talks and, as follows, the exchange of information between Russian and US forces have been indefinitely suspended, the SAA is making decisive progress in seizing key positions and closing in on terrorists’ remaining footholds in the city. 

In what is being called the “Great Battle of Aleppo,” a multi-faceted offensive by Syrian forces backed by Russian air power is putting terrorist groupings’ hold over the city at risk. 

As Al-Masdar reports, in southern Aleppo, the Syrian Arab Army’s Republican Guard and allied Hezbollah have advanced against Jaesh Al-Fateh militants and seized several buildings of the 1070 Al-Hamdaniyah Housing Project. If the Hikmah Hill overlooking the district is liberated, then these gains are unlikely to be reversible. 

In eastern Aleppo, as Fort Russ predicted earlier, Syrian troops have also gone on the offensive, engaging in fierce firefights with Islamist militants, and managed to recapture the Al-Kindi hospital and several adjacent areas. 

Meanwhile, in northern Aleppo, another detachment of the SAA’s Republican Guard and Palestinian paramilitary forces have made even further strides. Their operation has included putting the strategic Jandoul road under fire control, seizing the western portion of the Ouweijah district (which has been joined by Kurdish YPG forces), and pressing forward south to secure the Shuqayf industrial district that overlooks both the latter and former. Thanks to this successful advance, the Jandoul roundabout has come into Syrian forces’ range which, if secured, would mean militants’ hold over northern Aleppo is likely to collapse. 

Syrian (red) and Kurdish (yellow) push into Ouewijah

Syrian forces (red) advance on the Jandoul roundabout

According to war correspondents in contact with Russian Spring, Russian air forces are carrying out mass-scale strikes aiding Syrian forces’ offensive. Over the past 24 hours, precision air strikes on ISIS and Al-Nusra in Aleppo, Idlib, Hama, and Homs have overall amounted to 200 militants killed and 250 wounded, plus 32 trucks and 20 other vehicles destroyed. 

The consistent advance of Syrian and allied forces in all of the above-mentioned directions suggests that their momentum will only continue, especially if the heights, roads, or buildings, all of which are considered strategic, now within sight of each of these offensive vectors are successfully taken. What’s more, given the cessation of ceasefire talks and the increasing crisis of the US’ game plan, it is unlikely that any signatures or handshakes in Geneva will put the brakes on this offensive.  

Just as earlier it was said that all roads led to Aleppo, so do now all signs suggest that the city – where 25% of the best-trained, equipped, and combat-hardened terrorists are held up – is now being progressively liberated by Syrian forces. Successful, steady, and consistent offensive operations by the SAA in nearly all of Aleppo’s pivots and Russia’s increasing of the number of planes based at Hmeimim parallel to intensified air strike operations are evidence of the fact that, even if Aleppo won’t be liberated tomorrow, allied forces are now backing their commitment to recapture the city with concrete and successful operations that have only gained momentum regardless of the recent ceasefire bouts and bombing scandals linked to the US. 

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