Alexander Rogers: Plutonium, Gaddafi and The Russian Bear

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October 3, 2016 – Fort Russ – 

Alexander Rogers, Journalistic Truth – Translated from Russian by Kristina Kharlova 

Don’t read or watch BBC, CNN and Deutsche Welle today, and especially Ukrainian news – this hysteria is dangerous for your blood pressure. Moscow is only beginning to asymmetrically respond to Western ultimatums …

The day before yesterday one of the leading American news agencies posted an article in its Opinion section expanding on the theme that “now that Putin’s fault for the downed Boeing is proved, he should await the fate of Gaddafi.”

Pot-heads [Ukrainian junta supporters -FR] are overjoyed, “Now our great American master will punish you bloody cotton jackets [Russians -FR]”. Although in recent years they should get accustomed to that everything always follows the Ukrainian saying “It did not go as expected”.

First, let’s be honest, Gaddafi was killed not for Lockerbie, but for trying to introduce the Gold Dinar, which would allow African countries to abandon the dollar.

Secondly, Gaddafi was killed just after he gave up those responsible for the terrorist attack, paid compensation to the families of the victims and made concessions to the West in other matters. But this crowd operates on the principle of “eating the weak”.

Third, no one proved the fault for the downed Boeing. It’s from the same series as the “doping scandal,” when two months after the Olympics the IOC head declared: “I don’t understand why the Russians were suspended.”

Hitler also staged a provocation in Gleiwitz. The Americans blew up their own warship to unleash the Korean war. They also sacrificed their passenger jet to enter into a world war. They blew up their own WTC towers to justify the invasion of Afghanistan. They shook the fake vials to invade Iraq (and later, after killing one and a half a million people, said “Sorry, we made a mistake”). And the script with a downed passenger jet was invented by them back in the seventies of the last century. That suggests who is the true culprit of this disaster.

Fourthly, Gaddafi really had no army, modern air defense systems and nuclear weapons, and Russia has it. Therefore, the United States can only send its special combat dogs.

Fifth, Russia is tired of the dull hopping and the antics of the Americans, and it announced the impossibility of unilaterally honoring the plutonium agreement with the United States. So now let them store their nuclear waste in Obama’s backyard. Or in Hillary’s kitchen, we don’t give a damn.

And according to the new bill we shall resume the agreement on plutonium only after USA will:

— reduce the size of its military in Europe at least to the level where they were before the beginning of this agreement;

— abandon the hostile policy towards Moscow;

— lift all sanctions against the Russian economy;

— cancel all decrees and laws on assistance to Poroshenko’s regime;

— pay compensation for damage caused by the sanctions (including forced counter-sanctions).

And if they still argue, Rogozin will realize his dream and grant them with a trampoline instead of a space program.

And will also stamp 100500 hypersonic missiles, which are untouchable to the rapidly aging American missile defense, with the warheads from the left-over plutonium.

Back in the nineties, when Russia was in liberal decay, there was a joke that “If necessary, we will enter NATO up to the very Netherlands”. But now it’s not the nineties anymore.

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