Debunking the latest Anti-Russian Propaganda

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October 12th, 2016 – Fort Russ News – 

– Op-ed By Yakov Germanov, an FRN exclusive – 

folks, here we are again with the latest rounds of anti-Russian propaganda
hitting us in droves. I sit here from my humble abode in Russia, embarrassed to
have to do this yet again… but here we go.

You’ve probably heard the hysterical ranting about Russia preparing for a
nuclear war, telling 40 million of its citizens to prepare for nuclear war.
I told my girlfriend about this, since I live in Russia, and she called her
mother, a federal judge, to ask if this was the case, if war looked immanent. I
had heard nothing about these “drills” or “maneuvers” in Russian media sources,
and my girlfriend’s mother had said there is no war immanent, and there will
not be any war with the USA, and any “drills” are nothing special. She says “its
bullshit” to worry about war. Yes there is a maneuver happening and many people
were warned, but it was also only reported about in a minor instance in the
news. I have been traveling a lot lately and heard nothing about it anywhere
else. Everything seems calm, except in the online western
media. I can tell you that nuclear and other weapons were tested in my Oblast
this year, as my girlfriend’s mother did inform us of that.

Next, it appears that the “conservative” magazine from the UK, the spectator,
has gone into histrionics about several actions in Russia lately deemed by the
magazine to be “puritanicalism”. This article would have you believe that
Russia is turning into some kind of morally puritanical orthodox-fascist state,
when opposing a gallery exhibition of near-or-outright pedophilia is hardly
morally puritanical, and the ban on, that was so widely talked
about, is likely what the government says it was actually doing – banning it to
prevent exploitation of minors. The reason for this is that plenty of other
porn websites, as many as you can think of, are still accessible. I would know
this… um… er… due to “research purposes” only…

As for Ruslan Sokolovsky,imprisoned
for making a Pokémon go video in a church and posting it online, he, like Pussy
Riot, have been involved in numerous provocative and hostile actions. Some
reports from Russians state that the man had performed animal sacrifices and
other such provocative material. A casual look on his youtube channel  shows a person
intentionally pushing the envelope, similar to American libertarians who carry
guns in public to test gun laws. While what they are doing is not technically
illegal, it is unnerving to the general public and not unthinkable that action
would be taken. Sure, this does not necessarily equate to a 2 month sentence in
prison in my eyes, but Russia has a hate speech law that protects its majority
religion, similar to other European laws that have hate speech laws that
protect anyone but the Christian majority. While criticizing the actions taken
against him is fair, it is an action being done in the service of the Russian
majority, while those who advocate for the majority in western nations or
European nations, are the ones who are treated similarly or far worse than this
young man was.

The paragraph where Anna Kuznetsova, Russia’s newly appointed children’s rights
commissioner , is quoted
as saying, “If a woman has several partners, there is a significant chance of a
baby being born weakened due to the mixing of information”, sounds shocking.
Especially when they claim that: “she appears to
believe in a theory called telegony, which holds that every sexual partner a
woman has ever had can physically and emotionally influence a child she gives
birth to.” It makes her sound like a whacko. And had there not been western
media showing scientific studies that claim that this may in fact be the case,
as time magazine says here and the Telegraph says here, I would say they have a valid
criticism of her.

Next, in loony-land, we have this bold article – which claims that western
diplomats are being drugged and robbed! Their drinks are being poisoned! Those
dastardly Russians! And when they were sent to the hospital to do drug testing…
SOMEONE CUT THE POWER! Then, once they had left the country and were tested
outside of Russia… The drug had mysteriously cleared their systems! See? See
how Evil Russians are? How they planned that, and acted out this plan

There is a 99% chance what REALLY happened in this story was that the diplomats
simply drank too much alcohol, embarrassed themselves, and needed to blame it
on someone or something. Alcohol in Russia is very, very cheap, and drinking
excessively on a night out is an often seen occurrence. But Russians have a
much higher tolerance for alcohol than Americans, and Americans with all their
hubris often think they can keep up. An article again at the Telegraph shows a study where 200 AMERICAN students blame date-rape on being drugged, were found
to have simply overindulged on alcohol and needed to blame something or someone
for their poor

Personally, I drink all the time in Russia and have never been date-raped or
drink spiked, and granted I am not a diplomat, but there is one thing I can
tell you, and that is that I know when to stop drinking. That might have
something to do with me not ending up drunk in a Moscow hospital and having to
claim to my boss that the government cut the power while they were drug testing
me so I could save face.

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