Glazyev: Eurasia needs an ideology to fight the American-Nazi regime in Kiev


October 7, 2016 – Fort Russ News – 

Mikhail Ryabov, PolitNavigator – translated by J. Arnoldski – 

The Eurasian Union needs an ideology which will allow participating countries to avoid a repetition of the tragic events in Ukraine. This was stated at a session of the Byzantine Club in Moscow by Putin’s advisor, the economist Sergey Glazyev.

Glazyev elaborated: 

“The first economic successes of the Customs Union were reflected in the rapid growth of mutual trade and mutual investments. However, we can note certain difficulties in the further development of Eurasian integration that are tied to the lack of a common ideology.

Common economic interests are, of course, good for creating economic unions. But, as the experience of Ukraine shows, this is not enough. After all, Ukraine was the biggest beneficiary of Eurasian integration.

Today, Ukraine is occupied by American puppets professing the ideology of Nazism and leading their statehood not towards Soviet Ukraine, the Russian Empire, or the Byzantine Empire, but leading their statehood towards a nationalist government in the likes of the one from 1918-1919 and then towards Hitler’s occupation regime where Ukraine’s puppet leaders were put in place by the fascists but claimed that they had been chosen by the population.

The American occupation regime acting in Ukraine today has imposed upon 40 million people an absolutely suicidal and disadvantageous state model with no historical roots that is opposed to our idea of Eurasian integration. In an effort to force this model, they’ve already killed 100,000 people and repressed around a million, many of whom were forced to leave Ukraine…

The American intervention first captured the information space in Ukraine and then the education and cultural space which led to the formation of a hitherto unprecedented nation founded on a Nazi, Russophobic ideology which represents 5% of this territory’s population. But they managed to impose this by means of force and relying on American support. 

This speaks to the fact that simple economic arguments and the reasoning ‘let’s live together and help each other’ is clearly not enough. Ukraine is going down the path of economic suicide and genocide against the majority of society.

What is happening there is obviously opposed by a large part of the population but, nevertheless, the ruling elite is stubbornly, rapaciously enforcing anti-human values and, unfortunately, this has been successful,” Glazyev said.

In his opinion, “Eurasian integration needs some kind of philosophy” which will not merely be “confined to Orthodox Christianity.” Glazyev recalled that the Central Asian republics have predominantly Muslim populations and China has its own special religion. 

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