Good bye, my commander Motorola

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Motorola in Chechnya

October 21, 2016 – Fort Russ

Gennadiy Dubovoy, Facebook – Translated from Russian by Kristina Kharlova

Comrade Colonel, I report. Today all day I was asked what made you the favorite people’s hero of the war for the reunification of the Russian world? My answer: Motorola is a unique combination of charisma, incredible, exceptional courage and creativity. This combination is characteristic only of those who have been chosen from above, warriors at heart. 

In the world of postmodern, information technologies, and a total profanation, charismatics are characters molded by PR-specialists, whether it be the next pop star or a politician. In world history, charismatics are extremely rare. You, my commander – are one of them, a true charismatic, anyone who was lucky enough to meet you will confirm it.

I remember soon after my arrival to you in Semenovka, on the front line of defense of Slavyansk, there was also an English journalist, accompanied by Moscow translator. He was shocked to learn that I intended to stay at the front to become a simple soldier (as I originally planned, but I had to become a military correspondent: by yours and Igor Strelkov’s order). 

“Why do you want to stay here?” – asked the Englishman. And I, not yet knowing anything about you and only after talking to you once, with conviction that surprised even myself replied: “Because Motorola is already history, moreover – a legend”. 

The Muscovite translated these words with undisguised skeptical smirk, glancing at me like I was a complete idiot: at that time, only few even heard about Strelkov… What made me, a man in other cases more than skeptical to say that? The feeling I had while talking to you: sudden, irresistible and unconditional trust in you. A few sentences and one look in your eyes was enough to understand: you’re my commander, a Warrior, with whom it is worth it to go into battle, even if you know there is death ahead.

I know that you were not afraid of death. Like any true Warrior you knew: There is nothing to lose in this world besides a lost opportunity to fulfill your destiny. That’s why you lived so that all the opportunities provided to you have been implemented in full, and you did. Why? Because you understood the secret: the outside war – social, ethnic, inter-state is always a consequence of the defeat in the inner war, in the depths of the human spirit. Those who were defeated in the battle with the inner enemy – pride, greed, lust and other passions and illusions begin to fight against those who seek to live according to God’s commandments. Those who executed a coup, hopping on Maidan, supporters of the illusory Euro-choice lost their war, resigned to lies and want to impose these lies with blood on the Russian inhabitants of former Ukraine.

I remember how you explained your arrival in Novorossiya: 

“In Chechnya there was a typical anti-terrorist operation: eliminating groups of mercenaries – Arabs, Chechens, Europeans. They were mercenaries. The local population did not suffer. Here is a completely different situation. A real genocide. Killing of the people, a deliberate destruction of civilian people. Video, photos are all there. There are many victims – ordinary civilians. The people here are fighting for their land, for their right to live according to their laws, not the laws dictated by those who want to destroy these people. To plow, to churn with the earth…”

You were guided by the formula of the invincible Russian General Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov: “Do in the war, what the enemy believes impossible”. You knew: A Warrior is different from an ordinary person, a layman, even if the layman by force of circumstances puts on uniform and receives a high rank, by the ability to release deep-seated creativity, intuitively make the only right decision and to act in conditions of utter unpredictability, in informational vacuum, negative knowledge, to shift “from nonexistence to existence through an act of freedom.” The condition for this shift is the fearlessness of the unknown, and you had such courage in abundance.

Even in 2014 I called you legendary and wrote that you are “absolutely fearless, fast, smart: with lightning speed calculating any situation and taking the only right decision”. I did not exaggerate. Your entire battle journey from Slavyansk to the last days – is the proof.

Igor Strelkov said about you: “Motorola was always covered with shrapnel head to toe. Few could compete with him for the amount of time spent under continuous enemy fire…” I remember: you never bowed to mines and bullets, under the most severe attacks and under the heaviest fire, when the air was packed with shrapnel so that it would seem, you could scoop up a handful, you – strong, angry and funny steadily pushed forward.

And when each of us in our time will follow you to another world – you’ll again lead us into battle with the ethereal forces of darkness. And we will win. This is yours and our calling.

Victory day parade in Donetsk

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