House of cards: “Clinton vs. Trump” – a new game from Russian developers

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October 21, 2016 – Fort Russ

Russian RT – Translated from Russian by Kristina Kharlova 

Russian developers Yury Ammosov and Alexa Tronina are promoting their project on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter.   They offer to participate in the creation of a mobile app, which is a card game based on the election campaign in the United States. RT talked to the authors of the idea, who explained how anyone can take part in political games.

The rules of the game are as follows: two players are competing, trying to win and go for the presidency. Each player has 54 cards: blue — for Hillary, red — for Trump.

The “presidential candidates” have cards which either give bonuses or, on the contrary, take them away. Those who will take part in the project – will come up with the design of the new cards, help with writing the codes, or will come up with a new idea — the developers promise to give in-game currency or printed decks of cards.

One of the developers of the game, Yuri Ammosov, told RT, how the idea for the project came up: “We followed the election and at some point noticed that it provided unprecedented amount of jokes and irony. It was a sin not to use it.” 

The authors of the project drew attention to the fact that the current election campaign is marked by particular tension, which is reflected in the passions in the game.

“Russia usually occupies a very insignificant place in the priorities of Americans, they are much more concerned about taxes, gasoline prices, health care and other domestic issues. The use of Russia in political campaigning, and even as a total puppet-master where Putin supposedly easily manipulates politicians and makes public the innermost dirty little secrets (and, of course, threatens American interests in Syria and around the world) – is an event so unprecedented that you just have to follow it, as the saying goes, stocking up on popcorn. It will be fun and scary!”, – said Ammosov to the RT.

Each player starts with a certain amount of supporters and undecided voters. The player loses when he loses all the supporters. For example, the card “Snowden” at once takes 15 votes away from each candidate.

Cards with bonuses are updated in line with the ongoing campaign. For example, Hillary has a card “Crooked Hillary”. Trump has a card “Praise Putin”, Clinton – “Blame Putin” and “Blame everything on the Russian hackers”.

In the future the developers are going to team up with mobile games makers around the world and to develop joint apps on elections in other countries, to collectively laugh at politicians.

“Let’s play cards with the candidates, before politicians start playing with countries” – is the motto of the creators of the app.

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