“Iraq, Syria: Our [French] democracy sick from disinformation”

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October 25, 2016
– Fort Russ News –

– Christian Vanneste, in Boulevard Voltaire, translated by Tom Winter

The Western support for rebels is, however, criminal. It can only prolong the war, promote the expansion of Islamist terrorism and lead to the dead ends that this strategy has generated in Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq.

The book of Christian Chesnot and Georges Malbrunot Our Very Dear Emirs highlights the venality of a number of parliamentarians and political leaders of our country. The Embassy of Qatar was a dispenser of 500 euro notes and Rolex watches. A blockage on Parliamentary questions was even imagined to limit critiques or embarrassing interrogations of deputies against the hard cash. Justice will doubtless be taken by the persons aimed at by these allegations. Yet they seem to illuminate the obscurity of our policy in the Middle East. This policy is not worthy of a great independent state: it follows and sometimes even anticipates the wishes of Washington and its allies in the Gulf.

This choice of friends and enemies is not in the French tradition nor in the real interests of France. It is another work, of Alexander del Valle, which points it out: The real enemies of the West: the rejection of Russia for the Islamization of our open societies.

That any particular statement about Islam in France or the legitimacy of Syrian Islamist rebels was purchased is not to be excluded. Even if the political leaders guiding our diplomacy did not themselves seek personal benefit, we can be afraid that the directions taken were selected based on short-term interests for France, like arms sales or investments in the economic and budgetary situation of the country that result in resorting to expedients.

Our imperfect democracy is undergoing a triple degradation. First, a fracture grows by the day between the oligarchy and the population. Second, our representative system is out of breath: never, probably, have our political parties been subject to such a powerful rejection. Finally, many of our citizens take refuge, not without risks, to the internet to avoid the misinformation that prevails in the mainstream media.

For example, right now, a “Western movie reporting” is being poured out about military operations in Iraq and Syria. In Iraq, it’s the cavalry attacking the fierce Apaches.

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The cavalry is the Iraqi army armed and supported by the West. It is predominantly Shiite and is more or less consistent with the Kurds. In Syria, the scenario is turned upside down: the good guys are the rebels besieged by unworthy soldiers who want to massacre them, probably Mexicans supporting a bloodthirsty dictator. In short, it is the Alamo. 

It’s a serious matter to re-establish the balance. In Iraq Mosul, the second largest city, is still totally in the hands of the Islamic State. In Syria, Aleppo, the second city, is overwhelmingly protected by the national army and only a portion of it is in rebel hands — Islamists close to al Qaeda that we armed against the legal regime. More than one million Syrians live in the western side, relatively quiet despite rebel attacks that cause civilian casualties. On the other side, 200,000 civilians are used as human shields by jihadists, our “friends.” But most of our news speak of Aleppo as if it were the whole city suffering martyrdom because of a ruthless regime and its Russian supporters. In either case, Christians are fighting alongside the government against the rebels.

Even a slight perspicacity suggests that Westerners want Aleppo not to be fully liberated by the Syrian army before Mosul is taken over by the Iraqi army, possibly just before the US elections. A little common sense and realism shows, however, that the action of the Russians and the strategy of Vladimir Putin, regardless of their means, have a goal: the return of a useful Syria under the umbrella of the government of Bashar al Assad and then either reunification or a partition. 

The Western support for rebels is, however, criminal. It can only prolong the war, promote the expansion of Islamist terrorism and lead to the dead ends that this strategy has generated in Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq.

Such a policy can not build trust!

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