LPR: Poroshenko is lying; there will be no OSCE police mission

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October 20, 2016 – Fort Russ News – 

PolitNavigator – translated by J. Arnoldski – 

Petro Poroshenko is committing wishful thinking by asserting that an agreement on introducing in armed OSCE police mission in Donbass was achieved last night in Berlin at the Normandy Four meeting. This was stated by the Lugansk People Republic’s permanent representative to Minsk, Vladislav Deynego.

Deynego explained on his blog:

“The LPR and DPR are categorically opposed to the introduction of any armed foreign group in Donbass, even under the pretext of peacekeeping intentions. But was this the decision of the Normandy Four?!

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This was Poroshenko’s interpretation of the negotiations in Berlin. But! This is merely his interpretation, when in fact even if he tried to bring this up for discussion, his ‘wishes’ were not listened to by anyone.

Poroshenko and his lackeys have long since, actually since winter 2015, dreamt of UN peacekeepers or an OSCE police mission between the positions of their executioners and the Donbass militia…

But in reality, the Normandy Four believes that the OSCE observatory mission should be strengthened in the areas where forces and equipment are being withdrawn and in the places where heavy weapons are stored. Nothing more! In other words, in those places where the Ukrainian side, taking advantage of the absence of complete OSCE control, is constantly conjuring up heavy artillery systems, tanks, etc. and we can see all of this in the systematic shelling of the civilians in the residential areas of Donbass.

In the same way, by taking advantage of the absence of effective OSCE monitoring in the withdrawal districts, Ukraine has, under the guise of mythical shelling, virtually disrupted the implementation of the framework decision. In Stanitsa Luganska, this decision has still not been fulfilled despite our daily confirmed readiness and calls for the Ukrainian side (as well as public calls in the Minsk Contact Group) to stop with the sabotage and return to their recently signed obligations. 

It is in these parts that the Normandy Four recommends to strengthen the observatory mission! A purely civilian mission!” 

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