One of every three Ukrainians ready to leave the country


October 30, 2016 – Fort Russ News –

– Sputnik France, translated by Tom Winter –

While the European Parliament makes preparations about exempting Ukrainian citizens from the visa obligation, the figures are speaking volumes about the prospects of this measure: more than half of Ukrainians are ready to leave their country. 

About 30% of Ukrainians would want to flee the country, according to a recent survey conducted by the “Raiting” group. An even greater number of respondents, 40%, would wish to work abroad, citing the difficulty of “a decent life” in Ukraine. 

While in the immediate aftermath of the Maidan, 58% of Ukrainians were against the idea of leaving the country, but three years later, only 28% completely reject the idea.

Explaining their choice, the respondents put forward their hopes of having better living conditions and ensuring a happy future for their children. Notable also is the fact that the majority of potential migrants live in the western and central regions of Ukraine, ie those closest to the border with the EU. In 2015, about 9.5 million Ukrainian migrants crossed the Polish border. 

Is the EU about to withstand a new wave of migration?

No need to wait long for the answer. The new statistics are a reminder of the promise made just yesterday by Piotr Poroshenko. The visa-free regime between Ukraine and the EU will be in place by November 24, he said yesterday, adding that Kiev had fulfilled all its commitments to Brussels. 

The obligations to stop the war in the southwest and improve living standards in the country apparently were not part of the list.

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