Putin/Kadyrov – Kicking butts since 1999 [Video]

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October 14th, 2016 – Fort Russ News –

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Translated by Inessa Sinchougova

#Queue GhostBusters theme song. 

Trouble in Syria? ‘Muricans brewing terror again? Call in the elimination squad!

It is not my intention to make light of the Chechen or Syrian conflicts, but the re-occurring situation reminds me of some sort of ‘Captain Planet’ hero squad series. In the 1990s, Russia suffered a geopolitical defeat, with its geographical intactness left hanging by a thread. The West, paired with Saudi Arabian clerics, decided to ‘finish off’ the situation. They sent in fundamentalist preachers and foreign mercenaries, with the vision of destroying Russia from within. NGOs, such as Medicines Sans Frontiers aided in the transportation of rebels, and ammunition for terrorists. 

Wahhabism, an ideology of pious lies, spreads like wildfire when it is properly implemented – and nobody has more experience in that than the government of the US. Estimates of the dead from the two Chechen wars are around a quarter of a million people – both Russians and Chechens.

I have included terrifying footage from the wars, both for Russia and for young Muslims in the region, who have often defended the intactness of the Russian State. The heroic story of Hadjimurat Karahmaev, I included in the clip itself – as some people do not read video descriptions.

Information that is new to the Western viewer – “The US funds ISIS? Can’t be real!” – is not new to everybody else. Russia has come face to face with Western/Saudi sponsored rebels in the past, and through much pain, it has stabilized the region.

Modern Chechnya should serve as an example that peace is possible where Muslim leaders take a hard stance against the Wahhabi cult, and against those who fund it. The Saudi / Zio-American relationship, while preaching democracy and human rights on the world arena, has committed more atrocities than any other entity in modern history.

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