Russia and the sad farce of G7 sanctions

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October 20, 2016 -Fort Russ News –

in Boulevard Voltaire,* translated by Tom Winter –

“the G1 + 6 indicates that sanctions against Russia will last as long as Ukraine does nothing to abide by this accord: the logic is stupifying…”

The G7 summit had scarcely begun when Barack Obama already laid out the main lines of the final communiqué.  He took the G7 to the G1. The other six states received only folding chairs at the boss’s table. The six were entitled to the same sufficiency as a golfer taking the place of his caddy.

In 1975, Giscard d’Estaing conceived the G6 as a space for open discussion, without protocol, and completely relaxed. With the exit of Russia — the only nation to oppose– from the G8, the format has been reduced to that of the G1 and six attentive listeners. We are no longer participants in the discussion but, disciples taking notes from Obama’s dictation.

Neglecting the damage caused by sanctions to Europe, the US president, a Dr. Diafoirus for our time, has remained firm. Whatever the consequences of bleeding or purging, they must be made. If Europe bursts, it will not be the fault of the doctor but instead it will be the lack of rigor in the application of treatments. [Diafoirus is the pedantic doctor in Molière, who uses big words, and obsolete treatments, and has no actual concern for the health of his patients]

Russian sanctions — it’s a hardship for you but it’s for your own good, for your future, and especially for mine.

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The first sanctions were put in place February 20, 2014 by Europe, following the deaths by bullets in the Maidan although the investigation had barely begun. And before the signing of the Agreement between Yanukovych and the opposition on holding early elections. The next day, Fabius and his German and Polish counterparts signed as guarantors of the agreement signed in Kiev.

Unfortunately, Fabius and his counterparts did not understand that the US had too much invested in subversion to leave Yanukovych any chance in an election. 

Probably called to order by Vicky “fuck the EU” Nuland, Western diplomats chastely turned their head when the opposition torched the agreement the next day and made the coup. Westerners have changed Dumas’ “cherchez la femme”  into “cherchez la Russie” … The crash of the MH-17 as well as the repeated invasion of Ukraine by Russia, and the like all proceed from the same principle: focus suspicion on Russia and facilitate anti-russian sanctions.

The outcome of Minsk II between the Donbass and Ukraine, initialed by four presidents, is a model of Western bad faith. 

Although Ukraine hardly met any of the points of the agreement, the G1 + 6 indicates that sanctions against Russia last as long as Ukraine does nothing to abide by the meaning of this accord: the logic is stupifying: the offending belligerent is not sanctioned but one of the guarantors is. Even better, the guilty receives financial aid! This logic, identical to that of the Kiev agreement, strengthens Ukraine’s sense of impunity.
The mere existence of Russia disgusts Obama justifying all Western ignominy. Leaders of a nation standing up facing nations lying down, Putin and Mr. Lavrov are correct to think that the sanctions will last. They will last as long as Russia exists.

Unless, by implosion, the EU, and the USA …

From June 11, 2015. Of course, since Western policies have undergone no change, the commentary of R Zonca is still trenchant.

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