Russian Artificial Intelligence Expert: US media hyped Trump to help Hillary

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October 17, 2016 – Fort Russ – 

Eugene Chernyh, Komsomolskaya Pravda – Translated from Russian by Kristina Kharlova 

Clinton supporters wanted to knock out her arch-rival Jeb Bush from the presidential race

The eccentric billionaire popped up last year into the presidential elections like a jack-in-the-box. Messed all Republican plans for the White house having crept into their ranks. And became a headache for the Democrat Hillary Clinton and her entire party.


Analysts, political scientists, and other experts for several months are scratching their heads over his phenomenon. Many on both sides of the ocean call Trump “the shame of America”, awarding other bad adjectives, constantly predicting his demise. But he is still trying to force his way into the White house. And where did he come from?

Where-where from? You know, from the camel [Russian idiom -FR]. Sorry, from the donkey. This animal is the symbol of the Democratic party of the United States. The experts might point the journalist mixed up the animals. Say, the symbol of his native Republican party is the elephant.

The fact of the matter is, dear citizens, that donkey ears are actually sticking out behind the extravagant hairstyle of the Republican Donald, says Russian scientist Vladimir Shalack.

Although Trump had nothing to do with it. 

I met the doctor of philosophic sciences Shalack in September of last year. Then the main global event was the sudden pouring of a flood of hundreds of thousands of migrants to Germany. Vladimir Ivanovich conducted his own research and convincingly, with specific addresses, names, proved:

“The invasion of refugees into Europe was organized through Twitter by United States and Britain”.

This article in “Komsomolskaya Pravda” made a lot of noise. As a source of information the scientist has selected a network of Twitter accounts. Those quickest to respond to all global events. In his research he adopted a strictly scientific method of content analysis based on the frequency of occurrence of words or phrases in the texts, headlines, etc. He got interested in this 20 years ago, working in the Research Center for Artificial Intelligence in Pereslavl-Zalessky. Later he created special computer programs for this purpose.

Then Shalack told me he conducted a similar investigation of the US presidential campaign. Subjected to content analysis the Twitter headlines with names of candidates of 17 of the most popular American mass media accounts. And also received unexpected results.

From the start Republican Jeb Bush and Democrat Hillary Clinton lead by cash inflows. It would seem that the press over the ocean should write about them more often. After all, money talks.

Not so!

By the frequency of mention in 16 of 17 accounts by a considerable margin at the beginning of September 2015 Donald Trump was in the lead! Only Fox News mentioned Clinton more. In all 17 cases in last place, despite all the large cash flows, was Jeb Bush. In total 4.7 times more articles were devoted to Trump than Bush, and 2.2 times more than Hillary. Despite the fact that on the money he trailed behind, ranking 19th out of 23 candidates. That, in the opinion of the scientist, was devoid of any logic.

“No country in the world, and especially in democracies, has free media – said Shalack. This is one of the most effective levers of power, allowing to drive required thoughts into the heads of the masses and to control them. How to neutralize an undesirable political figure, especially a presidential candidate? Just stop writing about him, and if it is impossible, mention his name from time to time to give people the impression of marginality of this character.

The biggest marginal of the three turned out to be Jeb Bush, and the undisputed leader of the headlines – the bizarre Donald Trump! At the current stage of the presidential race his name is hammered into the heads of voters.”

But by whom?

Shalack made a deep conspiralogical conclusion. “The real masters of the USA are tired of the Bush and Clinton clans. Experiment with Obama has been a failure and threatens to turn into a disaster. They made a bid for Trump.”

Investigation “Forecasts – thankless and risky, but still…” with this conclusion Shalack published on his website back on September 6, 2015.

A few days later he conducted a content analysis of the headlines of leading UK media. “The election of the President of the United States. What do the Rothschilds think?”

The results were even more paradoxical. In total the foggy Albion devoted 9.8 times more articles to Trump than Jeb Bush, and 2.9 times more than Hillary Clinton. The popular magazine “The Economist”, which is considered a mouthpiece of the Rothschilds, by the mentions in the headlines he was ahead of Bush by 72 times! Moreover! The header of the account of the magazine featured a puzzling picture: a helicopter flying in the sky with the words “TRUMP” carrying on the cable carries… Trump’s wig.

Which further strengthened the scientist in the thought that someone is behind Trump! Britain and the United States, after all, are the Anglo-Saxons who consider themselves rulers of the world.

But even I, the master conspiracy theorist of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” considered Shalack’s insights too ambitious and fantastic a year ago. And did not to publish the investigation in my native newspaper. I, as many analysts believed, then, that boisterous Trump was unleashed by the Republicans specifically at the start of the campaign to identify the weaknesses of Clinton, to make her tick. And closer to the primaries the respectable Jeb Bush will be released on the political scene in a white coat. A trusted comrade from a respected family. Father and brother were already presidents. Behind him – all the party leaders, the financiers, lobbyists, industrialists… Not the scandalous billionaire upstart. And Trump will give him the votes so Jeb can ascend to the White house. And Donald would score with favors in business.

But Bush was the first to expire, despite the political influence of the family, money, position in the party. As predicted by Shalack. And Trump became the leader in the primaries of his own party, although the leadership was dissatisfied with him. And continues the battle with Clinton.


The other day I called the scientist with an apology, that I didn’t believe him a year ago. “Everything is going according to you, Vladimir! Your conspiracy theory was correct. Look at Trump today!”

– There is only one hitch in my conspiratorial conclusions, – said Shalack. – Trump was hyped … by the Democratic party itself.

– Impossible?!

– May be. But I could not even imagine this. Therefore concluded about the owners of the United States. It turns out that the Democrats back in April 2015 contemplated about how to win elections. Some of them came up with the “brilliant” idea to assist in the media promotion of marginal candidates from the “enemy party” so those at the stage of the primaries pushed the real contenders out of the race. 

The main real candidate of the Republican party, behind whom were concentrated enormous financial resources, was considered to be Jeb Bush. So with the help of the Democrats, the media, America and the UK hyped the Republican Trump.

– Is this your guess?

– A few days ago Wikileaks posted another batch of DNC emails. There is a very interesting document from April 7, 2015

Фрагмент документа. ФОТО

So at the start the media promoted Pied Piper candidates from the “enemy party”. Because Cruz and Carson were quite respectable people, the emphasis was on the eccentric Trump, whom many then considered a buffoon.

– The medieval legend of the Pied Piper of Hamelin is widely known. Playing the flute, he stole all the children from the German city where they never returned.

– This role by the intention of the Democrats, was allotted to Donald Trump. So he took away the votes from Jeb Bush. Which is what I discovered in September of last year.

Primaries started in February. Bush was out with a big bang from the start, and Trump was winning one state after another. Then was the turn of Carson and Cruz, hyped up by the Democrats.


– And then the unexpected happened, – continues the story the doctor of philosophical sciences Vladimir Shalack. – If in 2015 Democrats made efforts to promote Trump, now began a chain reaction. The person who was given the role of a puppet, thief of votes, has suddenly become so popular among Republicans that they had no choice but to write about him. He became media-self-sufficient. The whole year according to my content analysis he was the leader by frequency of mentions in the leading American mass media.

It continues today, when the acute phase of the election campaign has begun and buckets of dirt are pouring from one and the other side.

I made a chart which shows for the last month and a half Trump leading on the frequency of mentions in the media headlines. Press, TV would love to stop, but they can’t live without Trump. The amazing thing is that in each of the analyzed media, he is also ahead of Hillary.

Частота упоминания кандидатов в СМИ осенью 2016 г. ФОТО The frequency of mention of candidates in the media in the fall of 2016, 

– Vladimir Ivanovich, but did the Democrats realize that by promoting Trump, they let the genie out of the bottle?

– In early May. I analyzed the Twitter accounts of 42 members of Clinton’s campaign staff from January 1, 2015 to October 15, 2016. Collected 64 893 tweets. Until May 2016 Hillary was mentioned in tweets more often than Trump. But that all changed the first week of May 2016. After Trump’s resounding victories during the primaries the Democrats realized that with their own hands they have created a serious rival for the fall elections. In October 2016 Trump is mentioned in the campaign staff tweets already three more times than Hillary. Democrats are freaked out, but don’t know how to stop him. Hence the hysteria around the alleged Russian hackers, Trump’s alleged support by the Kremlin and other nonsense.

– A year ago, Jeremy Corbin was elected the new leader of the Labour party in England. He was also smeared in dirt by all the British media, I conducted a content analysis of the press. But in the end he was on people’s minds, as now Trump, and won by a large margin. Then there was a lot of moaning about this, but there was no turning back. This could happen with Trump.

The Democrats themselves raised their gravedigger. The suspense remains.


Vladimir Ivanovich Shalack, 61. Doctor of philosophical sciences. Leading researcher of the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Philosophy. Creator and manager of VAAL project. Has been involved in content-analytical studies on various issues for 20 years.

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