What is the US really doing in Mosul?

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October 19, 2016 – Fort Russ – 

Ruslan Ostashko, PolitRussia – translated by J. Arnoldski –

Judging by what is now happening in Iraq and Syria, the US is in a desperate situation and is resorting to the most radical methods so as to not allow Russia to achieve a decisive victory in Syria. It only seems like the assault on the so-called “capital of ISIS,” the Iraqi city of Mosul, is a big success in the fight against ISIS. In reality ,it is a rather cunning maneuver intended to force ISIS to make one last desperate leap in the struggle for control over Syria. 

In recent months, a radical psychological change has taken place in the Syrian confrontation that does not suit the Americans. Let us recall what John Kerry discussed with Syrian moderate terrorists in New York. They said how unhappy they were that the US still had not gotten itself involved in an open war in Syria, because no one will sign up to die for US interests.  The moderate terrorists wanted to lead Syria after Damascus would be leveled by American Tomahawks, but for some reason the Tomahawks never came. Then came the evil Russian air force which daily reduced the number of living moderate terrorists. But the terrorists think that the Americans have blatantly cheated them. On the other hand, the Americans are also encountering difficulties. Negotiating with Russia on Assad’s departure only makes sense when moderate terrorists go on the offensive and literally tear apart a tired and demoralized Syrian Army. 

As it turns out, the billions of dollars spent on arming and training moderate terrorists can be written off as a loss. Even though pro-American forces in Syria can still somehow hang on to their positions, expecting any genuinely serious offensive operations from them is useless.

The moderate terrorists are refusing to pay for American interests in the Middle East with their own corpses. And the most upsetting [for them] part is that, ever since the beginning of the Russian military intervention, ISIS’ work has dramatically lost its appeal. It’s much easier for ISIS to drum up poor and embittered Arab youth when this work offers the opportunity to cut the throats of Europeans, drown children in cages, and rape hostages. But now the main future awaiting a young recruit is death under a Russian bombardment. Very few find this pleasant.

We should remind ourselves that the pro-American moderate terrorists are not an army in the strict sense of the word and that they are not entirely subjected to the Americans. The survival instinct is a powerful thing, especially among those former officers of Saddam Hussein’s army who make up a significant part of the radical Islamists’ commanders.

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Due to this instinct of self-preservation, no one wants to distract the Syrian Army from the siege of Aleppo. The Syrian Army has been depleted by years of civil war and cannot concentrate its combat-ready forces on several fronts at one time. This means that the Americans see that the only way to save Aleppo is to somehow find reinforcements for the Syrian terrorists on a different part of the front. 

The problem is that there are no reinforcements to be expected from anywhere. No one wants to save Aleppo. No one wants to die for Aleppo. No one wants to cower under Russian bombs so that American instructors and coordinators can escape Aleppo with their underlings. This is what always happens with American vassals and puppets. From ISIS fighters to Banderites, they are all convinced that they are using the Americans, and not the Americans them. This is a foolish and dangerous position.

Despite all of their problems, the Americans have huge experience in handling a variety of local forces. This time, they’ve found an elegant solution. If the moderate terrorists in Iraq aren’t so eager to save Aleppo at the expense of their own lives, then they have to be forced to do so. This process of forcing them to accept a heroic death under US leadership is what we are now seeing in Mosul.

Iraqi government forces are storming the city, but the key role in the operation is being played by 5,000 American troops and American attack aircraft. The Americans don’t care about the losses among the two-million-strong population of this city, because bloodied children killed by American bombs won’t be shown on CNN. Militants will be driven out of the city by bombardments and artillery, but in so doing they’ll be forced to leave through the corridor to the Syrian border. It is as if they are being shown the way. 

Sure, by being driven out of the city the militants won’t be in the best shape, but there will be many of them and every soldier counts now in Syria. Most likely, this cunning American maneuver will not solve the problem of Aleppo, but will buy the Americans a few months. Only this is what the Obama Administration needs. How many civilians will die for the sake of the Syrian disaster not tarnishing the end of Obama’s term is irrelevant.

Sergey Lavrov has pointed out that the influx of militants from Iraq to Syria might have to be resolved by military methods. This is difficult, but possible. The Americans have not learned the lesson that EU Security Commissioner Julian King already learned. The numerous militants being driven out of Mosul might realize that they don’t want to die in Syria, so they’ll set off to continue their activities in Europe. 

I would like to advise European politicians, but I can’t. They created this problem themselves, and now let them sort it out. Perhaps the fear of terror will still force some European politicians to reconsider their attitude towards the Russian operation in Syria. 

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