A victorious Fidel Castro passes away at age 90

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November 26th, 2016 – Fort Russ News – 
–  by Joaquin Flores – 

Today the world celebrates the life and work of Fidel Castro, leader of the Cuban Revolution, and widely seen as an inspiration for socialist, nationalist/national-liberation, communist, and populist revolutionary and guerrilla movements around the world. 

His passing last night is seen not as a tragedy, but as an occasion to truly celebrate his contributions to humanity and the crusade against capitalism and imperialism which he was a tremendous part of. 

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He was cremated today, November 26th, a day after the death. This was reported by France Press news agency, citing Raul Castro.

Fidel Castro died the previous evening, November 25th,  at 11:29 pm, as Raul Castro announced on state television.

His legacy will live in in perpetuity. On this day, we observe a victory, not a defeat. 

Fidel’s Cuba was the first Latin American nation to become free from US imperialism.

Castro survived many assassination attempts: according to some sources, there were more than 600. As a murder weapon, even poisoned and exploding cigars were used. Other times female agents were sent to get close, and then kill, but he ultimately seduced and then disarmed them. 

The nation continues to survive a decades-long embargo sponsored by the US.

Castro’s Cuba managed to achieve a 99.8% literacy rate, a 15 year increase in life expectancy, and the lowest infant mortality rate in the western hemisphere. This was possible as a result of socialized education and healthcare systems.

His example demonstrates to the world and to history what can be accomplished, even against all odds. 

Fidel Castro said of himself, that he had a heart of steel. His beliefs, intentions, and asceticism continue to serve as one of the prime models for today’s political soldiers and revolutionaries across the political spectrum. For these reasons, his legacy transcends narrow political and ideological boundaries, and instead serves as an example for all. 

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