ALEPPO OFFENSIVE: SAA captures key districts, terrorists flee Russian bombs (VIDEO)

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November 12, 2016 – Fort Russ News – 

RusVesna – translated by J. Arnoldski –

The Syrian army, supported by Russian air forces, is continuing to besiege militants in Aleppo. Footage has been published of terrorists fleeing strikes by the Syrian army and Russian aircraft. 

The political department of the Syrian Arab Army has published a video taken earlier in the 1070 apartment complex in the Al-Hamdaniya district in southwestern Aleppo. The video captures footage of terrorists retreating from the residential area under blows by the Syrian army. 

In the video, Jaish al-Fatah militants flee the building for the neighboring Hiqma school, where they have since been holding their last line of defense. 

To recall, after clearing out the 1070 complex, the Syrian Arab Army continued its offensive and liberated large districts in southwestern Aleppo. SAA troops have finally beaten back the remaining Islamists from the Hikma district, forcing them to flee to the south to the Rashiddin-5 neighborhood.

Government forces are continuing their offensive in western Aleppo, assaulting the positions of terrorist gangs in the districts of Dahiat-al-Assad and Minyan, where bloody battles have been ongoing for several days.  

On November 11th, under the leadership of elite Tiger Forces, SAA troops broke through the line of the Jaish-al-Fatah coalition terrorists in the Al-Assad neighborhood. Syrian troops succeeded in taking a number of important facilities, including the former Academy of Sciences building and a nearby church. 

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The Tiger Force is continuing its assault on militants’ positions in the southern Al-Assad district and is advancing on the center, clearing building by building. Now that Tiger Forces broke part of the jihadists’ front, Syrian troops control half of Al-Assad. Only the western sector remains under the control of terrorists and is being subjected to artillery and small arms fire by the SAA. 

It has since been confirmed that government troops, continuing their advance, have taken the key Minyan region. In this western suburb, troops successfully took control over the entire territory after militants fled to the west.

The Tiger Force seized 80% of Minyan following a massive offensive by Islamist gangs from the al-Fatah coalition this morning. The terrorists strengthened their positions and started a counter-attack, but failed.

After the unsuccessful counterattack, government troops seized the opportunity and went on a powerful offensive to take full control over this Aleppo suburb. At 18:30 Damascus time, the Islamists had fled Minyan to avoid being surrounded and liquidated by SAA troops.

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Currently, Syrian sappers are carrying out engineering work in the area, clearing it of improvised explosive devices. The Tigers are expecting the gangs to launch a new counterattack to regain Minyan.

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