BREAKING: Syrian Air Force strikes Turkish forces (PHOTOS)

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November 25, 2016 – Fort Russ News – 

RusVesna reports – translated by J. Arnoldski – 

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Three servicemen of the Turkish army were killed yesterday as a result of a Syrian airstrike in the Aleppo province,  the Turkish newspaper Hürriyet has reported, citing the Turkish General Staff. The bombardment also injured 10 of Ankara’s soldiers. It has been reported that the bodies of the killed soldiers have been taken to the border town of Gaziantep for an expert autopsy. 

On Thursday, November 24th, an airstrike by Syrian military aviation with Turkish troops as its target was recorded for the first time since the beginning of Turkey’s illegal Euphrates Shield operation on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Various Ankara media have suggested that this is revenge for the Russian Su-24 downed a year ago. Yesterday was the anniversary of the death of Russian air force pilot Oleg Peshkov and marine Alexander Pozynich, who were killed by Turkish military operations and pro-Turkish militants in Syrian Latakia.   Damascus and Moscow have yet to respond to these charges.

The Turkish newspaper Hurriyet has stated that only Turkish servicemen were in the district during the bombing, and no members of the Free Syrian Army opposition gang were present among them. Turkish commanders believe that the target of the attack was thus none other than Erdogan’s forces.

According to CNN Turkey, the airstrike on Turkish positions was a response to recent Turkish shelling of the Syrian army in the Latakia province. 

The Yeni Safak agency sees in this an obvious connection to the Russian Su-24 shot down a year ago when attacked by a Turkish F-16 fighter in the vicinity of the Syrian-Turkish border.

“This evening, warplanes bombed Euphrates Shield forces in the Al-Bab district northeast of Aleppo,” militants from the “moderate opposition” reported.

“Along with bombing the village of Azrak, a second airstrike hit Free Syrian Army forces in the residential area of Dane. Simultaneously, artillery fire was opened on us,” the FSA reported.

A military source has reported to Russian Spring that the strike hit Turkish occupation units in the vicinity of Al-Bab, where they, together with members of the bandit formation known as the Free Syrian Army, are attacking Kurds and ISIS. 

“Before the strike, the troops received several warnings that Syrian Air Force planes would bomb rebel positions north of Al-Bab. They were supposed to leave this territory of Syria,” the source said.

Since August 24th, Erdogan’s forces have been engaged in operation Euphrates Shield in the Aleppo province without agreement from the government of Syria. The declared goal of the military operation is the clearing out of ISIS terrorists from the northern regions of Syria adjacent to Turkey. Many experts have called the real objective of the operation to be fighting against armed Kurdish groups.

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