Federation of Greek Women: statement on the visit of Obama


November 20, 2016 – Fort Russ News –

– 902.gr, translated by Tom Winter –

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“Behind the fiestas and the photo ops, Mr Obama, you came unwanted and you left unwanted” said the statement of the Federation of Greek Women on the visit of the US President.

The statement criticizes the fact that Barack Obama “pronounced benedictions to our “left” prime minister for “reforms that bled the Greek people” and notes that “the US has a major share of responsibility for the massacre, not only of our own people, but also the peoples of the world.”

Details of the Communication:

Mr. Obama came to Greece reading beautiful words … He came equipped with “mirrors for the natives” with shameless and cheap flattery for the sacrifices of the Greek people and with an Ode to Democracy ‘made in Greece’ dripping from his lips.

The outgoing US president had good words for our “left” prime minister for the “reforms” that bled the Greek people, apparently recognizing in Mr. Tsipras a kindred spirit (albeit at a lower level).

He certainly avoided telling us that the “democracy,” he so often mentioned has proved most convenient for exploiters of our toil. 

It is the “democracy” soaked through in child poverty and misery. 

It is the “democracy” of refugees and wars, the “democracy” of imperialist interventions from Ukraine to the Middle East and Africa. 

It is the “democracy” of the employers’ terrorism, labor flexibility, one job for each two and three employees. 

It is the “democracy” that has many living on crumbs or the soup kitchens, while a trillion. euro of capital is concentrated in Greece on our slaving, and still looking to find where to invest to give more profits to monopoly groups. 

It is the “democracy” that supports an alliance of wolves and a mutual extermination system. 

This is the “democracy” concealed in the pat words of Mr. Obama

And, of course, he shoved under the carpet what the Greek people know well, but that our Greek Prime Minister preferred to “forget:” that the US has a major share of responsibility for the massacre, not only of our own people, but also people of all the world, rapidly now extending to every corner of the globe. 

No family woman should fall into their snare!

We, the women of the radical women’s movement do not want, and can not be fooled by, the supposed gifts that the former “President of the World” came to offer us. We are the first to know that the famous egalitarianism of “democracy” he praised us for does not mean equality of standing! Instead, it is the most deceptive wrapping of our occupational and social inequity.

We, the women of daily toil not accept the lure of supposedly “democratic” and “peaceful” declarations serving only the imperialist plans in our region and creating an immediate danger to our lives and future.

We, the women who participate in associations and groups of IAHS have had enough fine words from wherever they come from. 

We will not succumb to the deadly lullaby of false hope and insidious complacency. We constantly exhibit with our participation in the daily struggle our desire for a life without exploitation and oppression, without wars, and without their attendant refugees. 

Behind the fiestas and the photo ops, you came unwanted and you left unwanted, Mr. Obama!     

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